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Rev. Bill Revello

1cor3.GIF (8986 bytes)If you would like to become involved and support this worthwhile ministry let us hear from you! Support for these ministers comes only from you. Please say yes to their need, so this vital ministry can reach out with Jesus to touch another life. 

Cook County Jail
McNeal Hospital 
Hines Hospital 
Loyola Hospital 

Chaplain Bill Revello

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Have you ever wondered?

 Why the bible is the most revered book in the world? Why it is the most hated book in the world? Why all the evidence of creation is ignored or suppressed? Why you should believe in a book that was written by people you never met and probably wouldn’t like if you did brush shoulders with them? Why the highest standards for morality are now laughed at and scorned? Have you ever thought of how much courage it took for Jesus to take up the cross for all of the low lives and evil hateful people who wanted him dead and buried forever? Have you ever thought about your lessons in life that are played over and over till your head burst?. Have you felt the loss of a sudden or violent death of a loved one and cursed God? Have you ever gotten down on your knees and begged God for mercy, received it, and still continued on the very same path to eternal destruction?

Have you ever thought of yourself to be smarter than God? Have you ever given mercy to someone with no reservations, no pay backs, or no I O U’S? Remember Jesus? Have you hated God because you were hurt, frustrated and lonely? Have you ever wondered why you never had time to pick up God’s word of comfort, the Bible, and yet were bored out of your gord with life? Have you ever wished to take your own life? Have you ever taken someone’s life because of revenge and yet still felt totally empty? Have you ever felt discouraged and begged God to take you out of your hurting body? Have you ever wondered why you are still kept around this earth? Have you ever wondered what purpose Our Lord Jesus Christ has for you? Do remember John 3:16 & the God of the "whosoever"?

Have you ever taken a decision to be the best you could be no matter what the cost? Do you remember the joy of making that deliberate choice that day? Do you remember latter feeling as though it was not real? Do you remember feeling foolish? Do you remember feeling confused? Do you remember making promises to God and your family but never kept even one? Do you remember the words where Jesus said "I will never leave you"?

Did you ever read where Jesus spoke about everlasting life? Did you ever think of God’s Bible as His only love letter to you? Did you ever read about that street paved with gold God made just for you? Did you ever receive his peace of mind? Did you ever come to the foot of the cross? Did you ever think of Jesus words, "Come unto Me, ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest"? What did you do about it ? Are you still marking time and wondering? When was the last time you read Jesus love letter, The Bible?

2nd Chr7:14, 2nd Kings 6:15-17, 1st Sam 17:47, Isiah 9:6, Isiah 40:31, Jer 33:3, Jer 32:17-19, 27 and Psalms 86:16

Chaplain Bill Revello


Victory Ministries
Stickney, Illinois 40402

Just a brief note as to advise you what the Lord has placed in Cook County Jail during the past year. Through His grace Victory Ministries has placed,  65,000 tracts of "Who Can Get to Heaven", 30,000 pocket sized John & Romans with the complete plan of salvation high lighted through Romans. God has also placed in our possession for distrubition 11,000 full bibles and 1,500 personal workers testaments. The other literature I have received from Amazing Grace Ministries has been distributed through out the jail with many thanks. Lord Jesus has also been kind enough to supply through a Christian publishing house at least 5,000 books. These books are instructive in many ways as well as entertaining. Without the miracle of the printed word many would be lost.

God has opened the door to the jail. The 21st of November we will have a personal workers testament distribution in every jail cell at County. The Gideons will bring in about 100 people & at least 12,000 testaments! What a blessing!

The folks who have been kind enough to place their funds aside & purchase soap should know that everyone involved is blessed. I am blessed because of the joy of someone’s sacrifice in giving. Jesus has used me as his delivery man. I am pleased to be in his fellowship.

Thank you & your good people again for thinking of me in their prayers. The devil is alive and well. He has lost the battle but his wrath of evil is pervasive. I need prayer. Please never give up on us. Victory Ministry is lost without fellow Christians raising their voices to The Lord in our behalf.

We have witnessed to many. Yesterday we had a bible class for 5 hours searching God’s word in one dorm! Praise the Lord who opens the door! Jesus knows our heart. Keep on keeping on.

Chaplain Bill Revello

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