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Amazing Grace Prophetic Words

2Peter 1:19 So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.
20 But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation,
21 for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God

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Pastor John prophecy

(introduction and Prayer)

Isaiah 35

This is our absolute promise.
We have a gift that is ours.
It is for the redeemed.
It is for those who are blood-washed,
Those who are saved,
Those who have believed,
Those who have walked the path of holiness to know
that the Lord is ready to receive those
that understand the way that we should go,
understand the path that we need to dedicate ourselves to,
and know that only God, only God can restore and bring health and healing.
We are those with a covenant right.
We are those that enter in and things that are outside cannot come into
This place that is blessed by God.
We are protected.
We are sealed by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.
We have the right to stand upright with confidence and boldness,
knowing that we can proclaim the Day of the Lord.
We can proclaim the ministry of the Holy Spirit of God.
We can say, �I am healed. I am set free.
I am bold to collect the things of God and draw them into my heart.
That there is not one gift or one thing that God gives that I do not claim
According to the covenant right of the redeemed.�
No lion can devour, no worldly thing can rob you, steal it.
No circumstance nor situation can cripple or cause you to stumble in the way
For they cannot, they cannot find the door.
They cannot find the path.
They cannot find you,
Because you are hid in the everlasting love of our Redeemer, our Savior, our God, our King.
Healing, sight to the blind, strength to the lame, power to the dumb.
Ears shall open, eyes shall see.
Blessings shall overtake.
This is the bread, the truth.
This is the spirit of our life.
This is the wellspring that comes through a place that might have seemed empty, desolate, alone, sacrificed, forgotten, used up, left behind,
But this is the place, this is the soil, this is the heart that our Redeemer can begin to restore and to keep.
Whatever the world has done,
wherever they�ve gone,
whatever they think of you or your life or
what you have dedicated to the Lord means absolutely nothing,
for you are kept in the secret place.
You are kept and you are sealed in the Spirit of His Truth, the power of life itself.

Lord, tonight, in Your presence, Lord, tonight in this place,
We come, Lord,
And we open our hearts
And we say, �Lord, heal me. Set me free. Bless me, Lord.
Touch me, and I shall be whole, for
You are the Lord, my God.
You are the strength of my salvation.
You are my hope and
You are the vision of my future and
You are the power of my life.�
Jesus, come into this place tonight.
Come into this place tonight.
You know every need.
You know every desperate need that exists in our lives.
Touch that place of loneliness, despair, brokenness,
That place, Lord, of need because, Lord Jesus, You promised and
You are more than enough.
I shall not want, for I lie down in the pastures of my Savior.
I am kept and protected.
I am led.

Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.
I give You my heart.
I give You my heart, Lord.
I trust You.
Take it. Mold it. Make me.
Break the shell of my existence, Lord.
Create in me, Lord, a new life, a new beginning, a new start.
Tomorrow is not going to be as yesterday, for I am casting off that old shell
And I am casting off that old person.
I will live and not die!
I will be blessed!
I will be healed.!
I will be strong!
Lord Jesus, bless me now. Bless me now.
Lord Jesus, touch me. Touch me and make me whole.
Thank You, Jesus

Tongues. Praise.

Praise You, Jesus.
Break through the darkness.
Let the light shine, Lord.
You will perfect those things which concern us.
You are the God of the power of our lives.
Lord, You are my breath.
You are my hope.
You are my strong refuge.
Thank You, Jesus.
Protect me. Lift me up. Lift me up, Lord Jesus.
Shut every mouth, Lord, that rises up against me,
Every evil report that is spoken over me, Lord.
Cast it to the ground, for only Your Word is true in my life.
Thank You, Jesus.
I am strong in the Lord. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Tongues. Praise.

Ony Your way, Lord. Only Your way..



I�ve been lost. Show me the way.
I�ve been lost. I�ve walked in circles
I know I�ve walked this path before, Lord, show me the way.
Show me the way which I should go and I shall walk,
And I will lift up my hands and I will praise
I will praise the Name of my God.
Show me the way, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.


My heart is heavy.
It is heavy, Lord, with the burdens, the weight of my life,
The weight of those that I love and their need.
My heart is heavy, Lord. Show me the way.
Raise me up, Lord. Strengthen my arms
Strengthen my resolve.
Strengthen my legs that I might walk,
That I might walk in the way of holiness.
Lord, walk, walk with me. Walk with me, Jesus.
Don�t let me fall, don�t let me stumble.
Don�t let me walk out of the way, Lord Jesus.
Help me. Help me, Lord.

Lord, there�s not enough money in this world to fix what hurts me,
Yet all they want from me is my money.
All they want from me is what I have.
But I am willing. I am willing to put my hand to the task.
I am willing to move forward, Lord,
and to commit myself to the way,
but Lord, You know I cannot do enough.
Help me, Lord. Bless me.
Enrich my life, Lord.
Forgive me of my debt.
Forgive me of my debt that I might be relieved.
Put it behind me, Jesus.
Make a way. Make a way. Make a pathway.
Let Your blessings, Lord, lead me.
Be my supply.
Keep me and I will give You y honor.
I will give You my heart.
I will give You my pledge that all that I have belongs to You.
I will withhold nothing, but I will give myself completely to You.

Jesus, tonight, tonight, Lord, open that doorway.
Let me see the hand of my Mighty Savior move these things out of the way,
Resolve these things that harm
Bless me, Lord. Enrich me. Keep me.
Thank You, Jesus.
Hope, Lord. Hope, Lord.
Hope in the Lord.
Hope in the Lord, and He shall uphold you.
Hope in the Lord
Do not despair. Do not give up.
Do not despair. Do not give up.
Hope in the Lord. Hope in the Lord. And He shall bless you.
He shall hold you by His heart.
He shall draw you close to His strength.
He will pay every bill to the penny and you will be free. You will be free
Jesus, Jesus, restore those things that are old and broken.
Restore those things, Lord, that have been stolen and removed.
Give me back, Lord, what the canker worm has eaten.
Bless me, Lord. Bless me, Lord.
My life is not loss. My life is gain.
The Spirit of the Living God sets me free in Jesus� Name. In Jesus� Name.

Speak to pain and sickness in the Name of Jesus,
for by His stripes you were healed.
Pain does not govern your life
Suffering is not the path of your future,
For you will leap with joy, with songs, rejoicing.
You will stand strong in the presence of God for He will raise you up
And your sickness shall fall off of you like an old cloak.
We do not need it.
We do not want it.
We feel no good thing, no comfort in it.
There is nothing that it gives.
It does not do anything except make us ashamed.
You gave us a new cloak,
The cloak of the Holy Spirit with healing, strength, richness, and power.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.
Just burn that old thing, Lord
Just want to burn that old thing� it has no power
Take it away, Lord. We give it to You.
We give it to You in the Name of Jesus.
I speak healing, strength, and power.
I speak deliverance, safety, and soundness.
I speak prosperity, health, goodness, and mercy.
In the Name of Jesus, Lord, I thank You for working in us
the miracle of salvation manifesting that, Lord:
that�s salvation in every area of our lives,
for we will b rejoicing, we will come singing
for our church, our church houses the praises of our God.
Our church houses the glory of the Lord.
Our church moves us to singing, praising, and raising up, Lord,
The glory of our Lord,
For it is You and only You, Jesus.
It is by Your strength and by Your Word,
For we are moved, we are changed from the inside out.
Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Tongues Praise

Grow. Grow. Grow up.
Grow up in the power of My Name.
Grow up in the goodness of My Love.
Grow up in the confidence of faith.
Be strong.
(Thank You, Lord)
For I will open the mountain and I shall make a river.
The waters of life that come from My throne will come to you.
No more will you look and have the light blocked out by the darkness,
The heaviness, the despair.
But I shall open the mountain and you will see and you will be blessed.
The rivers, the rivers that flow from My throne, they will heal, strengthen.
You will begin, you will begin, as you walk into that river,
To taste, to know that as you allow Me to lift you up, to hold you,
May flow to you so that you can flow to Me,
That as I touch you, so that you can touch Me.
Don�t look away from the problem.
Don�t look away from the hinderances.
Look at it clearly and watch Me heal,
Set free,
Break the power of the darkness,
Watch Me save.
(Thank You, Jesus. Praise the Lord.)

I�m not afraid, Lord.
I�m not afraid.
Take me to the mountain.
Show me the way.
Fulfill Your Word in my heart.
Open, open so I might see the glory of my Lord.
Thank You, Jesus. More of You. All of You.
Jesus, I give You all of me.
(Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.)

Your back is being healed as we speak.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
Strength. Releasing the pain.
Releasing the pain right now in Jesus� Name.
(Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord Jesus.)

Take the headaches away.
Going to take the headaches away.
You will rest. Thank You, Lord.
Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.
I will heal. I will heal. Praise You, Lord. Praise You, Lord.
Yes, Lord. Thank You, Lord.

I give You my hands, give You my hands, Lord.
Take the pain away. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.
Oh, Lord, There you go: Take it away. Take it away Lord.
Thank You, Jesus.
They�re burning. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.


Heal my eyes, Lord. I want to see.
Heal my eyes, Lord. I want to see
Thank You, Jesus.

Tongues Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.

Lay your hand on your stomach.
You�re going to be healed. Thank You, Jesus.
Right now. Take it. It�s yours.
Thank You, Jesus. Yes. Halleluiah. Thank You, Jesus.

You�ve been suffering from general weariness in your muscles and in your arms and your legs.
Jesus is promising that He�s going to restore,
He�s going to refresh you..
Your rest will be peaceful and instead of waking sorer the next day than you were the day before, you will be refreshed,
you will be strong, and
you will begin to reverse this and
you will begin to walk in strength better every day.
As the healing manifests, you will find yourself as strong as you ever were when you were young.
You will be spry, strong.
You will be leaping and jumping about, singing and praising the King of Kings and the Lord of Glory. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
Those are your muscles right now. Those are your muscles right now:
Give them to the Lord.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.

I see your child.
Your child is broken, heart is sad, weary.
God sees your love and God has heard your prayer and
He�s sending His Spirit right now to complete and finish the miracle
That you�ve asked for.
The praises of our God shall come ringing back to you and you will remember that it is the Lord. It is the Lord.
Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.
More than one child. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Halleluiah

I am not afraid anymore.
I am not afraid anymore.
Fear: I�m commanding fear to leave you alone.
You will not be afraid anymore.
You will not be overcome with worry.
You will not be overcome with doubt.
He is going to replace your fears with the peace and the joy.
He�s going to replace it with the revelation from His Word.
Open up His Word. LOOK and you will be healed. Thank You, Jesus.
No more worry. No more worry. No more worry.
(Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.)

You have a stumbling disease.
The curse overtakes and you stumble.
You�ve lost confidence in your walk.
You�ve lost confidence in your ability to walk, but I will uphold you.
You will not stumble again.
Dedicate yourself to Me.
Dedicate yourself to Me and I will cause your heart and your pathway in
This life to be sound.
You will no longer see the storms of temptation, the crooked pathway.
You will walk and you will not stumble.
Tonight, tonight, give Me your heart.
Give Me your heart and I will remove this pattern from your life.
Thank You, Jesus. Yes, Lord. Thank You, Jesus.
No, Lord. No more will I stumble.
I will walk and not be weary.
I will run. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
Tonight! Thank You, Jesus. Tonight! Thank You Jesus.

You�re not sure.
You�re not sure what it means to be healed.
You�re not sure how you can be healed, but you know you want to be healed.
Jesus, I ask You, Lord, for a revelation of Your presence, the Spirit of Your power. Drive away doubt. Let the Spirit of Your presence, Lord, settle this.
For by My Word, by My Word, your flesh is healed.
Every tissue, every cell in your body.
Give it to Jesus.
Give it to Jesus.
His answer is �Yes, I want you well.�
Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.
That we remove confusion from this place.
Every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ, we cast it
down right now in the Name of Jesus,
for we are believers, we are not doubters.
We are not fearful.
We are not those who run away.
We are those that stand fast in the Lord, staggering not at the promises of
We are not moved by what we see, but we shall have, we shall have the
promises of our God. Thank You, Jesus.
Cast down every imagination.
Cast it down.
I don�t know what you are thinking about, but throw it away.
It�s not worth it.
This is the night to get healed.
This is the night to be free.
This is the night for your heart, the bitterness to leave.
This is the night to be set free. Completely free.
No more pain.
No more fear.
No more doubt.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
I�m healing it.
I�m healing it. Jesus is walking by you right now.
He�s walking by you right now.
Be ready..
Be ready.
He�s touching you.
He�s touching you.
Thank You, Jesus.
Complete the work in this place, Lord.
Oh, Lord, to glorify Your Name, to stand fast in Your Word, Lord!
We just want to praise the Lord.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord.
Now, Lord, I want You to take the brokenness, brokenness of our heart, Lord.
Now I want it to be healed.
We�re going to let it go.
It�s nothing you can keep, nothing you need.
Let it go. Let it go.
Jesus. Jesus, fill that place.
Fill that place, Lord with Your love.
Fill that emptiness with satisfaction.
Fill that desire, Lord. Fill that desire.
The perfect work. Thank You, Jesus.
Take my tears.
Take it away from me.
Let me feel Your joy again.
Let me feel Your blessing, Jesus.
Jesus, heal me. Jesus, heal me, set me free.
Jesus, heal me.

Thank You, Jesus.
Another child, another child is being touched right now.
Thank You, Jesus.
You�ve cried too many tears.

O, Lord, so few and so much, so much faithfulness in such a small place.
Glory to God! Glory to God!
Lord, I want You, Jesus.
I want You.
I want You, Lord.


8-27-09     Dianne Doonan

It is a good day, saith the Lord. It is a good day, for I have made this day just for you:
            To walk in, to walk with Me, to be a part of My life, to know Me in a deeper way,
            To know the righteousness that I am inside of you,
To know that I am giving you peace when there is sorrow,
love when there is so much hate.
It is a good day, for I will care for you, saith the Lord.
I have everything in order.
I have everything set up.
Trust Me, saith the Lord, for it is a good day, and I am working on your behalf.
How I love you! How much I want to give to you�each and everything you desire.
Oh My heart is SO after you! I have waited so long for you!
            And I am giving you everything you need, everything you want.
It pleasures My heart, pleases Me, gives Me great pleasure to see that you want Me
            As much as you do� and I will give you each and everything you need.
Come with Me!
Come with Me and enjoy My presence, for it is truly a good day, saith the Lord.

Sunday evening 7-26-09 PM  Pastor John Doonan

When I minister in the Spirit and look into the things of God, almost always, the first thing I see is like a dark, tangled weave. It�s just everywhere. It�s everywhere. It�s in everything. I know there�s light beyond it , and I know something is going to come, but I always see that. And I don�t know what it means, except that it is a mess. It has nothing to do with God.

Jesus, lift us up. Move us away from this to look at Your glory. The light we seek is beyond the confusion, beyond the resistance in that place that has perfect, perfect light.(tongues) Thank You, Jesus. Build Your throne, Lord. Build Your throne. Thank You, Jesus.

 I saw several things while we were ministering before the Lord. In one case, I saw three paths. There was a path that was the way of light. It was perfectly illuminated. It was simple. It had no significant incline. It was just the perfect, natural way to go.

On the right, there were stairways. They were very steep. They were complicated, like a very hard way to go.

On the other side, there was a slope. There was no way you could get your footing, that if you stood on that way or tried to go that way, you would just simply slip and could not avoid it. It was a deep slope and there was no bottom to it.

The word that I received, the word that I looked for was: �This is the way that I�ve chosen for you. This is the place where you need to be, and this is the place where you will be safe and where the things that you are searching for and the things you desire, are complete.�

 As we make choices, each of us as believers, each of us as those who love each other, that walk in the things of God, we who look for the things of God� I know everyone in this room has a place that you are battling serious battles, and I know that it�s difficult. It�s difficult sometimes to even suppose that this can ever be an easy thing to do because it seems so complicated. It seems that it should be complicated. It seems like reason would say, �This is not an easy thing.� But yet the Lord doesn�t agree with that. The Lord says that you are in the perfect place where you�re supposed to be. You�re in a place where the Spirit of God�s presence and love is not diminished  by the circumstances. It is not more difficult. It is simply the place you are in, simply as easy as the place you�re going to be, and there it is not more complicated as trying to reach that place because you�re already where you need to be with the Lord. And whatever comes or whatever�s been behind us has absolutely no effect on who you are and where you are right now. You are at peace in Jesus because you are in love with Jesus and your circumstances are never going to change that. I don�t care how large the devil would try to make you imagine he is. That�s a lie. That is a lie. You are perfectly loved by God. You are walking in His perfect will, and you are going to fulfill His perfect plan because you are born of His Spirit. Thank You, Lord. 

I want to pray. I want to open the altar tonight because I feel that we need to pray, and we need to minister in the Holy Spirit. We need to let the Holy Spirit of God begin to work in each other�s lives. As we pray and as we come forward, as we begin to minister In the Spirit, I want each of you to join in faith with whoever is up here. Keep all your hearts focused. Stand in that place where you believe for miracles: where you are ready to see them and watch them be fulfilled because God wants to set some people free here tonight. Come up to the altar and I�m going to anoint you with oil according the Word, and God is going to release you according to His promise.

 Body Ministry time personal prophecies


Thank You, Lord, that in this place You are magnified. You are lifted up. Your Spirit reveals itself in a mighty, changing, lasting way. I thank You, Jesus, that You break through every, every darkness for in this place we are free. In this place, Lord, our love is unfettered, unbound. Set us free. Thank You, Jesus. Set us free, unbound. Thank You. Thank You, Lord.


�Hear Me and you will see. I will change your whole vision of this world. I will change your heart. I will raise you up. Believe Me. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Your heart will not be harmed. You will not be hurt. You will not fail. You will not stumble.�

Thank You, Jesus. You are Lord in this place. You are the Lord our God. Savior. Hope. Salvation. Thank You, Jesus. Healing. Healing heavy hearts. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Father.


It is good to be in the presence of God. It is good to be touched by His love and compassion. It is good to be free from all the confusion and darkness of this world, to worship, to sit in His glory, to sit in His presence, to let the heart be strengthened, established. This is going to be a good week. It is going to be a wonderful week! This is going to be such a blessed week, such a blessed week, that you�re going to come back here and say, �Pastor, I can�t believe what God has done! God did exactly what He said He would do! He�s set me free. He gave me a praise. He gave me His power� that power has revealed itself.� And I want to hear the testimonies. I want to hear of the glory of the Lord I want you to share, because he who confesses me before men, Jesus will confess before the Father. Let your praise, let your confession find its full expression in your words of faith.

in Jesus� Name. Go in love.



Pastor John Doonan     Sunday evening May 24, 2009


The Lord says:

I have brought you to this place.

You have been confused for too long.

I would release you, give you hope, give you power.

I need you to trust Me. I need you to trust Me.

I bring you to a time of new life.

I bring you to a time of new hope.

Changing, turning the things that are old away from you,

Bringing you to life itself, bringing you to life itself.

Embrace My cross, embrace My love and I will lead you and I will guide you.


Thank You, Lord


Do not stumble. Do not stumble.

Do not hesitate. Do not hesitate.

Do not hold back, for I tell you the truth:

            That I will hold you.

            I will keep you.

            I will bless you and

            I will cause you to walk in the fullness, the fullness of My glory and

            All that are around you will be touched, will be blessed by the Spirit of My Presence.

            You will not be ashamed.          

Do not be afraid, for you are walking through a time of trial.

You are walking through a time where your heart has been broken,

            Where your eyes have even fallen away from Me.

But I did not release you.

I did not let go of you, for I knew, I knew, I knew your day would come

            When I would lift you back again.

            I would restore your vision, the fullness, the glory.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid, for I will restore the things that have been stolen.

I will give back to you an abundance of blessing.

I will cause your feet to stand stronger, more solid than they have ever been.


 Thank You, Lord�Praise


It is Your hands that hold us. It is Your hands that keep us in safety.

It is Your hand, Lord, that holds back the darkness so that we can be refreshed,

so that we can hear Your voice, so that we can see the glory,

so that we can see the glory, Lord.

Thank You.


This is a time of healing.

This is a time of refreshing,

            For I have seen the hordes,

            I have seen the darkness

            I have seen them try to come around you to move you, to destroy you.

But I will heal you and

I will raise you back, and

I will cause your strength to be renewed and

I will hold you up.

You will not stumble again.

You will see Me.


Thank You, Lord


Be still. I am here. Be still. I am here.


Thank You, Lord


Take your eyes off the darkness.

Keep them focused on the Lord.

He is not a long time ago. He is right now.

He is not in stories.

He is not in ideas.

He is now.

He is alive and His power is present in this place and

His purpose and His light will not be, it will NOT be, it will not be taken from you

He will finish what He has begun.

He will glorify whom He sets, and

He will cause His Spirit and His power to refresh you and to hold you close to Him

He is here. He is here.

Let your worship be today.

Let your glory in the Lord be now.

Let your faith be finished and

Let your life be a blessing as you demonstrate the love of Jesus, for

He is here.

He is with us.

He is in this place.

He is working the miracle of life in our hearts.

Thank You, Lord.


The Lord would say

That this is the hour of praise.

This is the moment of release.

This is the time of refreshing.

This is the promise that I have given you

This is the prophecy that I have spoken.

This is the age of My glory.

You are Mine

You are My church

You are My people.

You were called out of darkness and you were established in truth.

I will raise you up.

The light shall shine brighter than the world has ever seen.

The glory of My presence shall be revealed in a way that the world may never, may never understand.

Hold to the truth.

Hold to My heart.

Let My word so magnify itself in your heart that there is not room for any other idea.

Trust Me.


Thank You, Lord


I can tell and I can feel you drawing on the Spirit of God and you don�t even WANT to quit.

You don�t even want to stop what God is doing inside of your heart because I feel the anointing drawing very strongly upon what you desire from God.

I can only tell you that God is not going to finish in you.

He is going to keep doing this work and the working of the Spirit and you will see it grow and strengthen in power as the days go by.

And I can tell you as surely as I know what is happening in this place right now: the Spirit of God is working miracles in your life.    

            He is, He is working His will.

            He is working to do what He has decided and

            He has ordained that you should walk in.

Do not be afraid of anything.

Let your hearts be free of religion.

Let go of the foolishness and grasp Jesus with both hands because we are going to see the glory and the Spirit of His Presence.

It is here now.

It is not going to be different.

It is what it is. It is what it shall be.

It will just be the movement of the Spirit over the many people that will be touched and their lives will be set free.

We are so used to this Spirit of His Power, when this Spirit touches men in this world, their lives are radically changed because what we have is good. Amen.

I�m going to dismiss you in the Lord, His Spirit here.

He is ready and waiting to finish and complete the things that your heart desires. That as you go into your life this week, and

            you have been prepared by the Spirit of God,

            that you are going to see richness and glory.

Wonders shall come to pass as God begins to demonstrate His love in such a special way.

You will be touched by His goodness, His kindness, His faithfulness.

You may be dismissed in the power of His word, His presence is in you.

You will not be ashamed.



May 2009 Sandy Schukat

It says in My Word that I am able to keep those things which you have given to Me (II Tim 1:12 ) into My hands.

I say to you, not only will I keep them, but I will keep on working on them  and will perfect them, but first you must let go of those things.

When you put them into My hands, you must detach yourselves, even emotionally.

You must be able to go where I say and do what I say at a moment�s notice and not be held back by the things you have not given to Me.

In order to do this, you must trust Me wholly.

How can you come into this trust except by knowing Me intimately?:

Study My Word, consume My Word, so that you will have this intimate relationship of trust with Me.

Then put all things into My hands and I will keep them and perfect them for you.


Pastor John Doonan  Miracle Service  Sunday evening    March 30. 2008

Hear Me. 
Listen, listen to the Breath of Righteousness, 
To the Breath of revival. 
The Breath that raises the dead. 
The Breath that brings My children to Me. 
The Breath shall increase as the days pass by. 
The Breath shall fill the land so that those who are sick and weak and lame will suddenly be touched with the Wind of My Spirit.

It wants to gather together out of all the nations all the peoples and all the voices that cry out to Me: �Here am I!� 
I hear them and I hear you.
You are not left behind. 
You are the beginning. 
You are not forgotten. 
You are established, for �Here am I!� 
Call, and I will answer. 

Ask, and you will receive. 
For the nations will bow and the glory of My Presence shall fill the earth and the brightness shall shine and be a greater beauty in all this earth.   And the very heavens shall open up and become one with this place and with this earth.  

And the Breath has begun. 
The Word has gone forth and every day that Spirit shall increase and My people shall come singing and praising and dancing in the streets at the miracles, at the wonders that come because they believe. 

Not one will be left out. 
Not one will be left behind, for I will raise you even again. 
Come. Test Me.
Try Me for I cannot lie. 
And if I said I will, you know I already have. 
You might think you�re wrestling with Me, but I�m only humoring you to remind you that I always meant to bless you.  
I always meant to love you, to keep you. 

�Here am I��Where are you? Answer. I�m calling you. 


Dec. 23, 2007 Sandy

Out of you, Westchester, Illinois, from the remnant of your people: Amazing Grace, even though you are small, in my timing I will raise up from your midst: apostles, prophets, teachers, workers of miracles, and those having the gift of healing, and I will appoint you to the nations to bring forth My glory. 

Your momentary trials will all be forgotten, for I will meet all your needs, and I will use you for My glory, for I have kept you for this time. I have molded you as the potter molds the clay, and just as I have promised, all your tears will be turned into joy and all your afflictions will be remembered no more. 

I have declared it and it shall come to pass.




For the working of miracles is in My hand.

It is in My hand alone, and I give severally as I will.

You need a miracle, and I see you calling out to Me.

I will give you your miracle for you are true and honest and pure.

I see your faces.

I see your hearts.

I see the love you have for each other.

It is on its way. Hold on.

For I, the Lord thy God, am doing things in a big way, and you will see.

You will stand amazed at the power.

You have been faithful in little and you will be faithful in much.

My Word is true. I cannot deny Myself.

I am pleased. I am so pleased with you.

I have much to tell you.

Some will come from the pulpit, some will come from your prayers.

But it will come, and you will hear.

Listen! For the mountain is moving.

It is moving out of the way. 

You will drink out of the well of salvation.

You will lie in green pasture.

I love you.

I love you so much.


WORD GIVEN through Sandy ON October 7th 2007 A.M   











PASTOR JOHN               Feb. 18,2007 PM

There is a bright light that shines before us

There is a light of the gospel

There is a light of God�s purpose and plan for us

If we keep our eyes focused on that light:

          We will be blinded

          We will be blinded to the death around us

          We will be blinded to the offence around us

          We will be blinded,

And see only that which God will permit for us to see

And that which He would choose that we see would be

          The glory

          The power

          And the majesty of our Savior

That I be blinded to the world

That I might see God�s face

That I be blinded to evil, sickness, and death   

That I might see health, prosperity, life

That I be blinded to pain, suffering

That I might see the joy,

                    The joy of the Lord manifested in His people: 

                    Rejoicing, ever lifting His Name

                    Ever screaming from the top of the walls:

                             MY LORD! MY GOD! MY SAVIOR!


Dianne    Oct. 22, 2006 PM
Your purpose and your plans are in my power.
You need the understanding so you can have confidence of the right way.
I have given you the Holy Spirit as your Wisdom, Advocate, Comforter, Teacher, Guide.
Listen to Him, He has much to tell you, and you will be complete, and  You will grow.
It�s not about you, it�s about Jesus Christ.
You are all His bride and millions of churches are awaiting His coming.
It is closer.  How I long for you.
Come together, be who I Am in you.
Be a team.
I have brought you all together because I believe in you. Each one is a gift, appreciate and pray for one another.
You are all in My heart and I have a specific plan for you all.

Do not worry.
Do not worry for those you love, because I love them more.
Do not be afraid for those you care about, for I care more.
Let My Spirit go before you�. My Words touch the ears of those I love.
Let them know the Truth that is working inside of you.

I can hear the LORD saying, �I have chosen you today.� You have said, �LORD, are You sure?� and I say, �Yes, I am.� �I am going to do this thing in your life and you are going to be fine. Know that I have chosen you this day and answer the call that I have on your
          Life, for you are Mine and I honor the Word of God that you have put
          Into your heart.
I have seen it and I will do and accomplish all those things I said I would do. So do not be afraid to go forward. Know that I am with you,� says the LORD.

Pastor John Doonan:
�The fire of My sacrifice burns continually, eternally before the throne of God. The brightness casts off no shadows, for it is perfect. It burns bright by the judgment of God, by the fullness of His purpose. Run to the altar, My sacrifice. Grab hold of the horns! My sanctuary�sanctuary�sanctuary� You will be spared. You will be spared. Hold tight to the horn of My power. Hold tight to the purpose, My plan, the brightness of My glory,
          Eternal brightness of My love.
Be magnified. Hold to the horn. Cry �Sanctuary!� and I will give you  I�ll cause your enemies to stand outside your gates, for they cannot come
          Into this holy place.
There is no darkness. This is the perfect light of My gospel.
Come.  Hold to the altar.  Hold fast to My sanctuary!�

I will live and not die. I will stand and not fall. I will move in power and strength. I will not be, I will not be broken. I will not be defeated and I will be victorious.
Thank You for the anointing of Your strength and Your power that flows from Your throne.
As we stand in attendance, LORD, send forth Your Word.
          Let it reach the hearts of men, for they are not stony.
          It will find life and heart ready for the seed of the Word.
          And they will bring forth the living blood of our Lord Jesus Christ:
          Cleansing, purging
          Bringing life to all those things that we touch, for You are the LORD
          And we attend unto Your Word, Lord.
          We attend unto Your Word.
�Peace, Peace I give  You shall find abundant reward.
Do not be afraid.
Do not be put off.
Do not allow offense to stand in your way.
For I am the One.
I am the One who called you out of the darkness and brought you to this place. I am the One who has set your feet firmly on this rock. You shall not be moved. You shall stand in victory. You will stand in a great abundance of reward,        For My glory flows like the rivers of life themselves. My glory came.�
I am happy. I am happy, Lord, for the goodness of Your provision. I am happy for the gifts that You�ve brought and the lives. I�m happy, Lord, that this is a good day. This is a day touched with blessings. This is a day touched with honors. This is a good day. This is a day, Lord, to rejoice and so I do, Lord.
You�re dealing with someone in your life and their heart is as stone. I tell you now: take your hand, place it upon that heart. It shall turn to a heart of flesh. Take your hand. Give it. Give it freely. Give it completely. It shall create goodness, blessing.
Strengthen. Strengthen us. Weary hearts saying, �Lord, give me strength� I heard it as a call, a song: �Strengthen us.� I shall rise up.  Strengthen me, Oh God, and I shall stand straight.  Strengthen me, Oh God, and I shall not fear:
          For the song of the Lord flows through the ears of our Saviour. He says, �I will.  I will give you strength.
          I will give you joy.
          I will give you laughter.
          I will give you peace.�
Oh, we sing, Lord. Oh, we sing, Lord,
Unto the Lord of Mercies,  Unto the Lord of Grace, The Lord of Goodness, the Lord of Compassion, Gentleness.
You are Glorious.You are Wonderful. You are Blessed. You are Living Truth. You are Powerful. You are Mighty: Goodness, Goodness and Grace.  �Goodness of days. I set them as a calendar before you. They are marked. They are ready. The days shall proceed one day to the next with greater blessings  each day that you walk through.
The days that lie ahead of you have already been marked and already been set. They are already known for the days filled with peace. For I have said, �Come, follow Me.�
          In obedience, you rose.
          You lifted your heart and said, �Here am I. Here am I, Lord,     
          Send me, for I will attend to Your words.     
          I will follow your precepts.
          I will understand and I will give you goodness, blessings, and
                    Richness wherever I go,
For the power of Your hand moves into mine.  The power of Your heart flows into mine. The thoughts of the heavenlies fill my thoughts with goodness,
          With possibilities, with wonders.��
The LORD would say: �I have placed much money under that rock. It is your money under that rock. I put it under that rock for you. It will begin to flow into your life when you lift the rock. Find it. It is yours. There is nothing hidden from those who search the Word. There is nothing that is not revealed to those who are My family. I will show it to you.
Follow Me. Come through the rock.
Let�s move the rock! Let�s move the rock!
          Yes! Goodness. Mercy. Grace.�
�I see a rock with body parts. Those are your body parts! That is your rock! Take the rock! Place it in your heart. Place it in your heart and I shall train you. You shall be strong. Pick it up. Pick it up. Full of gold, precious jewels.�

All the secret places I am unlocking The hidden places I am unlocking and I will let the light shine now I will bring hope. I will bring strength. I will not allow that place to be kept away from Me any longer        For I will own it. I will live there and I will restore you. I will give you strength and abilities. I will cause you to rise out of the dust, the failure and loss, the fear. I will allow you to stand with dignity again, for you are a believer�          You are ordained           You are ordained in a dignity of truth, Spirit, and wisdom. You will not be ashamed. You will not be ashamed any longer.
The truth will go forth like lightning to a rod. It will be attracted to the truth. It will be attracted to this body. The truth will go forth and the lies will be seen. They will not be heard any longer. Every word that has been spoken will stop. They will open their mouths and all of a sudden they will shut,
          For I, the LORD thy God, will shut it.
I will not allow it to happen any longer. It�s been too long. It�s been too long in coming, but everything is in its place, now. The truth will come forth as I said: like a lightning rod. There�s a big, big lightning rod on this building. The angels have been sent forth to the four corners. They�ve never moved. They have protected from many, many things. They have been busy. There have been many angels that have been busy. If you look, you can see. If you look, you can see. I have not kept your eyes from the realm of the Spirit. Just open them�they�re there. They have been very busy. Now it is time, saith the LORD. Now it is time. For I have set you upon this place and those of you that have not wandered,
          That have remained steadfast in My Word and in the promises and in
          The hope that I have given you in the Word will reap the benefits of
          The first fruit.

Sunday evening, May 14, 2006 PASTOR JOHN  
Close your eyes and hear the song of the Lord. He sings in tongues: We all sing in tongues. Oh, I worship You. Yes, I will worship You. I will magnify Your name. I will sing the praises of my God. I will be lifted. I will be kept.  I will be standing on the rock of my salvation, for He is my God. He is my praise. He is my God. (tongues) Oh, thank You, Jesus. Oh, we will worship, we will worship with the songs of heaven. We will lift our hands, Lord, in praise to You, for you are the God: The God of our salvation. You�re the God of healing. You�re the precious, precious Savior of my soul. For in me, Lord, I give you all that I am so that You can manifest in this life 
All that You are. Without resistance, without inhibitions, without fear, I give to You, Lord, This life to live through, to speak, to give. 
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
For where there is a song that is sung, the heart is taken before the Lord  Who answers on the wings of heaven coming to you. He knows your infirmity. He has already moved, now, because you sang Him your song. He has already smiled the smile of �Yes�. He has already sent to you an answer, for in your song was everything that
You are and everything that you need, both good and bad, and He is now perfecting that which concerns you�
Setting you free. Working in you His miracles.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of Your presence in this place.
We thank You, Lord, for the fullness of Your word that is manifesting  In our homes, in our families, Lord Jesus.
That You bring healing to those that we love. Lord, give me words to declare. Give me words to assure that You have healed  For I know in my heart, Lord, what I have given has been done. I know in my heart, Lord, what has been offered has been given And I know that every heart that I have prayed for today has been touched.
Lord, let Your words allow them to join in the song. Father, I thank You for the power of Your Spirit that has been working  In our mortal bodies, for You have quickened us as we have entered The presence of Your Holy Spirit. We are strengthened, and our healing, our healing is being manifested As You sent Your word And Your words are healing us, setting us free, causing us to be strengthened In every part of our life, Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus, touch me, heal me, and I will take you home and I will praise You I will praise You. I will praise You, Lord Jesus. 
Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Lord God. I thank You for healing.
I thank You for healing Tracy.  Thank You for the Spirit of Power that is upon her body removing pain and 
Bringing strength. Thank You, Lord, for healing each of us as we lift our hearts before You As we come into Your presence because  You are the God of Love. You are perfect in Your caring. Thank You, Jesus for shining Your face upon us tonight. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for touching us, blessing us, filling us up, Lord Jesus.
(tongues) Thank You, Jesus.

Listen now, my child. Listen, and I will speak to you. Come, my child, open your heart. 
(Thank You, Jesus. Thank You Jesus.)
Ah, the richness of God�s word falls from heaven�Showers� Falls in richness and blessing. 
Thank You, Jesus. Halleluiah. Thank You, Jesus for healing.
Thank You, Jesus. Halleluiah. Praise You, Lord. Thank You, Father.
(tongues) Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus.
And I hear a song. Its melody is more beautiful than life itself, more gracious than depth, The beauty of Your creation, more wonderful than life  That breaks forth in Light,  That blossoms even as Aaron�s rod: That finishes, that completes. 
Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Halleluiah.
Perfect our praise, Lord. Take this old, dead stick, Lord, and give it life and bring forth the blossoms Leadership,  Blossoms of courage,  Blossoms of strength, healing. Let it bring forth the blossoms of ministry. Let it bring forth, Lord, the fruits of Your Spirit. Let it come to full, to full growth. Let all be done to the glory and praises of our God.
Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus, Halleluiah. Thank You, Jesus.

Someone has a word. Won�t you share it? (tongues)

Rise up, children. Rise up further. For I have called you to a thing that is far beyond your imagination. You are the ones that I have chosen. I�ve chosen you because you have been faithful to Me and I will take care of each and every single need in the body. For there will be no empty places. For you are come, you are come to Me. As you come and believe in Me,  I the Lord, will give you everything that you need to have that faith. I will show you things. I will show you deep things in the night  And I will show you light things in the morning  As you come to Me and rejoice with Me and hearken to My voice. Hear Me. Hear what I have to say to you. You will be surprised that the things that you thought were so hard  Are not hard at all. So rejoice and know that I have taken all the hard things. I have paid for them,  So come to Me and know that the Lord your God loves you
And He wants to take care of you. He wants you to know there is nothing too hard for you.

There is another word. It�s coming to you. Let it flow. Join the song. I know you have a word. We�re not going anywhere until you say it.

Amen. Thank You, Jesus. As the saints come together in the presence and in the power of God, there is a continuing song.  There is a continuing song. As one finishes, another begins. As one word comes, another completes. As one word graces, another embraces.  Thank You, Jesus. For there is yet another word. Do you get the exercise? There is yet another word for He would exercise our praise. He would perfect it. 
Thank You, Jesus. We need confidence.  Speak.

Have I not promised you in My word that I would always be with you? My Child, I have never left you, I have never abandoned you. I was always there with you. I was waiting for you to turn to Me.  And when you did turn to Me, I picked you up and we danced and we sang, and there was great joy, and we shared, My child, For it was not I that left you, but it was you that could not see. But I have removed that veil from your eyes so that you could see. And from now on we will dance the joy that I have put within your heart, My child, and I will be with you forever And you will be able to see.

Amen. Thank You, Jesus. And there�s another word. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Dear heart, I will yet praise, but it�s not my turn. I have a word. Speak�.Thank You, Jesus.

Come and take My hand. We will go higher and higher and I will never let you go For there is always more of Me. You will never ever here on this earth be able to obtain all of Me. Not until I take you at home to be with Me And then you�ll know the fullness, the fullness of who I am. But here, here and now, there is always more of Me that I want to give to you.  Don�t ever, ever think that there is an end, because I will fill you. I will continue to fill you. You will never be empty. Come, Come and ride with Me always on the high places  Till you see as I see, hear as I hear, speak as I speak.

There is always another song. We�re not finished until we�ve decided they are finished. And they�re only finished when we have spoken our heart, When we�ve spoken our faith, And when we�ve entered into the praises of God�s people. Whether few, whether many, it does not matter. It is that you be a praise to God, you be used by God right now And you watch Him use your life in a way that blesses others. 
There us another word. Thank You, Jesus.

The time is now. It has already begun.

Thank You, Jesus. I thank You, Lord. Halleluiah.
I know You hear my song, my praise, Lord.  I know You hear my life, And I know though, Lord, things that would disquiet my heart, Lord,  Things that would cause me to be in turmoil or fear, I know You hear my voice, Lord And I know that You understand me  And I know that it is my God Who provides all of our needs. I know that it is You and You alone that manifests the miracle of Your provision. I know that it is You that touches us and heals.
I know, Lord, and I will not be quiet about this. I will speak of my salvation. I will speak of the glory of the Lord for I am, I am sung about in heaven And the great exploits and wonders of Your work in this earth are sung 
about already in heaven and the power of Your majesty and the glory of Your work, Lord, are already sung of:   All, all the words spoken in Your heavenly host. Lord, You know us. You have long known us.  You have understood us. You have drawn us, Lord out of the darkness of the fears and the doubts. You have drawn us to a place where we feel confident in the power of the word That is working within us and we know that we can speak without fear. We know that we can speak to the winds, prophecy, saying: 
�It will be as our God has ordained that it should be.�
We are of those who are blessed. We are those who are lifted up and magnified and exalted by our God, For we will not be ashamed. We will not be afraid. We will not fail, for our God is an awesome, awesome God.
Thank You, Jesus. Praise You, Lord Jesus. Halleluiah. Oh, Yes, Lord.
God�s blessings, God�s power demonstrated in your hearts and your words

Keep singing the song. Keep singing the song. Keep letting others hear the song that you sing. And you will know that the words that you speak will draw people to courage
Draw them to the battle Draw them to the front line Because they know that there�s a song being sung,  A song of the battle of the Lord. A song where we stand and cheer as our God lays low the enemies Of the cross. I�m going to dismiss you now in the power of the Spirit of His Presence as  You have released yourself to the word of God. Know that always in all circumstances and situations, 
The word is there. You just release it. You give it because it is your praise. It is the word that you were instructed by the Word of God to come with and that word must be shared. That word must be given. There�s always a context for it. There�s always a place . Whether one prophet stands, you sit and wait until the next prophet sits. Then you rise and each, in order,  
Comes with a word,
Comes with a song,
Comes with a fullness of the prayer that you have sung to the Lord
In your own worship.
You are dismissed in Jesus� Name.

JAN. 17, 2000 PRAYER MEETING at Barb Karcz  
Whole chapter of Ezekiel 36 (Amp.) Especially v. 9-11

v.9 For behold, I am for you and I will turn to you:
and you shall be tilled and sown.
v.10 And I will multiply men upon you� 
The cities shall be inhabited and the waste places shall be rebuilt.
v.11 And I will multiply upon you man and beast
And they shall increase and be fruitful.
And I will cause you to be inhabited according to your former beginnings;
And you shall know, understand, and realize that I am the LORD 
[the Sovereign Ruler, Who calls forth loyalty and obedient service]
v.34 And the desolate land shall be tilled,
That which had lain desolate in the sight of all who passed by.

(On Jan. 16th, the night before this word came, I had a vision of huge fields 
and many furrows up and down.)

v.35 And they shall say, this land that was desolate has become like the
garden of Eden,
And the waste and desolate and ruined cities are fortified and inhabited.
v.36 Then the nations that are left round about you shall know that I the LORD have rebuilt
the ruined places and replanted that which was desolate.
I the LORD have spoken it and I will do it.
v.37 �.I will increase their men like a flock.
v.38 �.cities shall be filled with flocks of men.

FEBRUARY 19, 2003 4:26 PM
Jeremiah 30
v.17 For I will restore health to you and I will heal your wounds�
v.18 I will release from captivity the tents of Jacob�.
The city will be rebuilt and the palace will be dwelt in after its former fashion.
v.19 Out of them will come songs of thanksgiving and voices of those who make merry.
And I will multiply them and they will not be few.
I will also glorify them and they will not be small.
Jeremiah 31 (for Pastor John)
v.14 I will satisfy fully the life of the priests with abundance 
(of offerings shared with them)
And My people will be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD. 

Whole chapter of Ezekiel 36 (Amp.) Especially v. 9-11

v.9 For behold, I am for you and I will turn to you: and you shall be tilled and sown.
v.10 And I will multiply men upon you�  The cities shall be inhabited and the waste places shall be rebuilt.
v.11 And I will multiply upon you man and beast And they shall increase and be fruitful. And I will cause you to be inhabited according to your former beginnings; And you shall know, understand, and realize that I am the LORD  [the Sovereign Ruler, Who calls forth loyalty and obedient service]
v.34 And the desolate land shall be tilled,
That which had lain desolate in the sight of all who passed by.

(On Jan. 16th, the night before this word came, I had a vision of huge fields and many furrows up and down.)

v.35 And they shall say, this land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden, And the waste and desolate and ruined cities are fortified and inhabited.
v.36 Then the nations that are left round about you shall know that I the LORD have rebuilt the ruined places and replanted that which was desolate. I the LORD have spoken it and I will do it.
v.37 �.I will increase their men like a flock.
v.38 �.cities shall be filled with flocks of men.

FEBRUARY 19, 2003 4:26 PM
Jeremiah 30
v.17 For I will restore health to you and I will heal your wounds�
v.18 I will release from captivity the tents of Jacob�. The city will be rebuilt and the palace will be dwelt in after its former fashion.
v.19 Out of them will come songs of thanksgiving and voices of those who make merry. And I will multiply them and they will not be few. I will also glorify them and they will not be small. Jeremiah 31 (for Pastor John)
v.14 I will satisfy fully the life of the priests with abundance  (of offerings shared with them) And My people will be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD. 

Miracle Service May 29, 2005 Pastor John Doonan   

I see the hand of His comfort touching your shoulder. I hear His Word say to you, �It is ok, daughter, it is ok�
Don�t be afraid, for I am with you This I would have you know: that I have all. It is coming to you  It has touched you It has found you� He says, �Come Come home Come where you belong Come
In peace: Here is peace.�
I see the LORD
I thank you, LORD, that You cleanse all guilt, all shame Just cast it off! Cast it off! It�s a useless weight.
Cast it off as something that�s not worth dragging a step further. Cast it off! For I free: Free to be washed
Free to swim in the rivers of living God Free to be uplifted by that cry  To be held and to be kept through my life. Free: free from shame, free from guilt, free from fear For I now live: not I but Christ lives in me Christ lives�. In me!

How hard. How hard you�ve tried How often you�ve looked, you�ve wondered I would have always I would have always given you what you�ve asked I would have always done this.
Just release it. Release it.

Father, I thank You for the Spirit of Your power that�s in this room right now. I thank You, LORD, that in this ministry of the Spirit there is great work being done in each heart. Thank you, LORD, for the healing that is flowing through our bodies. I thank you that our physical bodies must now, immediately, begin to sense and to know the presence of Your power  That is come to heal,  that is come to set us free,  that is come to release us in Jesus� Name.
Father, I thank You for that healing power. Father, I thank You for the work You are doing in our bodies. I thank You, LORD, that that is a never-ending work,  That it is a work that You�ve begun, That You will continue every day that we stand in this world, Every breath that we take, Every thing that we do. Every power that is within us is born of God, born of Your strength,  encouraged, built up. You will take those things that are missing and You will recreate them; Take those things that are broken and out of place, and You will recreate them, For the LORD is good and His mercies endure forever. And the power of His Spirit is touching your body. Oh! The power of His Spirit is touching your body!
We just praise You, LORD, for the work that you�re doing. I thank You for healing. I thank You, LORD, that we run in to the rivers of healing and we say: �LORD! More than enough! More than enough! More for me! I want all, LORD! I want all that I can be! I want to be fulfilled, LORD! Me! Me! See me! See me before Your throne!
See me, LORD, flowing in the rivers of life! See me, LORD, born again! See me, LORD, heal me!�

Pastor John doonan 12-12-04 PM     
The Lord wants you to know that He is placing His hand upon your back. 
He's going to bring healing and strength to you. 
He's going to cause your heart to be strengthened. 
He's going to wipe away the tears. 
He's going to restore your joy. 
Even as the brightness comes, and the morning skies part, even as the darkness dissipates and disappears, so shall your hearts rise; so shall your joy be restored; so shall your hearts lift up: The brightness of My Glory! 
For you shall always and forever be close to Me. Keep your eyes, your thoughts, 
Healings, healings are flowing from the very center of your being.
They're flowing.(Praise)
Healings are flowing. Healings are flowing.(Praise)
You've been praying for someone you love very dearly.
They've been afraid. Their heart is drawn back, but I tell you, I have heard your prayer.
I have heard your prayer, and I have stretched out My hand to touch your loved one.
I've stretched out My hand to lift them back up on their feet.
I have loved them. I have loved them as you asked Me.
(Praise) (Tongues) (Praise..)
I don't know what they are, but all it is is just a bunch of bumps and they're disappearing.
They're going away. Whatever it is, it's leaving right now in Jesus' Name.
Thank You Father We worship You, Lord. We believe in Your Power. Hold us, Lord.
Draw us close to Your heart. (Praise) (Tongues) (Praise)
Yes, I will care for you. I will care for you. I will watch over every detail of your life.
Yes, I will care for you. I will be careful.
I will be careful and I will allow you to move into the place that I have called you to come.
And I will be careful and you will be fully equipped, ready, able (Praise)
You will never be alone. You will never be alone. (Peaise) (Tongues)
Oh fountains, Lord! Fountains of joy! Fountains of joy, Lord, that spread forth.
Rivers of healing, strength! (Praise)
Restore, Lord, the vision of the things that are before us. Clear, Lord, upon our hearts the means, Lord, that You are going to deliver Your Word. (Praise)
(Tongues) (Praise)
Oh Lord, I thank You for freedom: freedom, Lord, to walk and to praise and enjoy Your very presence. Thank You Lord for freedom from fear and doubt. 
Thank You Lord for the freedom to speak out Your Word and know that we know that we know that You are the doer. You are the deed. You are the Power.
(Praise) (Tongues) (Praise)
(Praise) (Tongues)
You are the Lord. You are the Life. You are our Joy. You are the Glory
You are the brightness of our lives...(Praise)

April 18, 2004 Pastor John doonan         
The Spirit of God wants to prophecy: He wants to speak to you:

Listen to Me.
Listen to Me very carefully.
My Spirit, My Spirit: the power of life that is upon Me: 
I make covenant with you tonight, covenant of life, covenant of wisdom and might. 
I make covenant with you tonight for I will hear your prayer, I will hear as you call upon My Name.
I promise, I make covenant of life that as you live your life in My Word, in faith, I will answer your every call. 
Not one word will be wasted, not one word that you utter will be in vain for I promise you tonight that I will listen to your word and I will respond and you will see the miracle of My power begin to demonstrate itself in your life.
Listen to Me, for as we come together in this covenant, as you pledge yourself, give yourself to this life, as you give yourself to the Spirit, if you offer yourself unashamed of this gospel that I have offered to you for tonight, 
I tell you that I am calling you into covenant with Me and your words will not fall to the ground but I will place in your heart words that will deliver you, that will set you free.
I will place in your heart words of wisdom, words of truth, words of ability.
I will place in your heart words filled with My Spirit in the full authority to accomplish those things that I am giving you those words to do. 
In your heart right now: words of safety and strength and protection� 
In your heart right now: the words of a mother, the words of a father, words that protect those that I have given to you� 
Words that put a guard about their lives so that they might rise up and glorify My Name and the testimony that you share, the words that you speak.
I call you to covenant with Me.
I call you to draw your heart close to Me because I would answer your words,
Answer your words with words of faith.
I will answer your words with words of healing.
I will answer your words in your call with confidence and strength, 
for My words will change your heart.
My words will change your mind.
My words will cause you to see through the darkness of sin, through the failing of sickness and weakness.
My words will cause you to see the truth, and as you speak, they will penetrate the darkness, and as you speak, they will break the strongholds of power.
They will cause the light of My gospel to change lives.
Make this covenant with Me tonight.
Draw your heart close to Me.
Remember My words.
Remember these things I am placing in your heart, for the miracles will begin to follow one after another as the glory reveals itself in your life
And your words will be astounded by the power that I am going to place in them.
Be careful that your words speak answers.

Be careful that your words, and the power and the covenant, the ability that I am giving you right now, does not quench the power of the Spirit with doubt and unbelief,
But that you begin to speak regardless of what you see, 
Regardless of what you feel,
Regardless of what circumstances might present themselves as:
These words I tell you: I will fulfill them absolutely, completely, perfectly.
I will give you things that you never believed you could ever have.
I will establish you in ways that you never thought could be possible in this life,
But I tell you: in heaven these things are perfect
And as they have been perfected by the cross, 
The cross has given Me the way to bring you perfect things, perfect gifts,
Things that are in heaven: life and joy and peace, power and wisdom and might, prosperity and health and strength wherever you go.
These words are not just for you:
They must be spoken first.
When greeted at the door, you speak your blessing upon the household you enter.
When asked to pray, you speak in faith before you ask what is wrong.
When given a choice, choose Me and I will honor you and all of your works, and all of your doings, and all of your deeds.
They will show the power of My word.
This is My covenant that I make with you tonight.
This is the word I share with your heart tonight.
These words now I give to you.
Call upon My Name.
Let the words come to you.
Let your hearts be filled with the fullness of My Glory.

Miracle Service 1-30-05 PM  Pastor John Doonan      
You make Me smile. You are just so cute. I�ve longed to gather you.  How I�ve longed to demonstrate My Spirit
How I�ve longed for you to be ready and waiting for Me to come. How I have waited on you � patiently� faithfully. Longing to know you Longing to show you The hours are here The time is ready Truly you have spoken and I have called you out by your name I have gathered you together in a place small� to the side� questioned 
For in this place I will do a great work I will deliver to you a Spirit of power I will deliver to you healings and miracles They will walk through the door and they will fall They will come broken They will come tired and I will lift them up They shall come through the doors sick, weak, and before they can find a seat,  Healing shall flow into their bodies For I will give you a True Spirit And I will give you a True Power And I will place it upon this sanctuary for it will be holy ground It will be holy ground
Come! Come and ready your hearts Come! Open your ears Come and see the wonders of My Spirit, for I have longed for you to see them I have called you years and years ago and told you that I would  I finally got you here
I finally got you ready
Now! Now we shall be as one: One thought, one mind, one spirit, one True Spirit In this place, you�ve come with many problems, many situations and circumstances in your life And you�ve longed, and said, �There seems to be a hope here� And you�re drawn to that hope And I tell you that you did not waste your time, for this night I deliver to you the promises that I Spoke to you from the beginning And this night miracles are beginning to work themselves into your lives as My Spirit Begins to encompass your entire life and all your relationships and all the people that you 
Have known through the years  And that Spirit of My Presence will begin to dominate conversations� 
Will begin to dominate confusions and doubt  Because I will drive the darkness away from you  And I will cause you to be a light in darkness that people will be drawn to because you are Anointed of the Spirit of God
You are walking in the truth of My miracle-working power

My anointing is upon your hands You put them on sick people and watch the sick people be well Try Me! For I will give you the Spirit Speak the Word from your mouth and it will go directly to the hearts of men and they will be Quickened by the things you say, because they will understand:
�There IS a God! A true God!� 
A true Spirit that delivers men from darkness and can translate them into perfect Light Walk with Me. 
Talk with Me Commune in our garden of beauty Come, and the blossom is opened The beauty will now be seen
The growth� the growth is born of heaven and it will come It will come as each bud comes again and again and again� In your faces In your hearts In your smiles In your lives In your hopes In your dreams New possibilities New praise New prayer New freshness
I have waited for this hour

Oh, an angel spoke to me a couple summers back and he said, �You will come to a precipice.� I just realized that we stand at the edge of something that is unknowable It�s the edge of something that�s unseeable It�s the edge of something greater than anything imagineable. God has opened a doorway NOW and we see what could not have been seen,  Could not have been seen For there is this great vessel� this great city�It will be filled to overflowing
Right now we look down into emptiness, but soon waters of victory shall fill it up and The Spirit of the Living God shall fill it up Houses�businesses� streets will start to sing hymns and praises Hands will suddenly go up in restaurants as My anointing comes to fill it up For you have not seen such an empty, prepared city But now we fill it in Jesus


Oh for the hour!  The vision is for an appointed time It�s an hour chosen by God It�s an hour selected where those who were not waiting�

Who were not prepared� did not come�But those who were prepared�their lamps were full�

And I am ready, for I come I come now I come to you I will deliver you out of your troubles I will set your feet on solid ground Your distress� your worries�  They will fade away as an old, old shadow that you cannot remember Your needs� your medicines� Are no longer there for I have brought healing to you I have brought healing to strengthen you To cause you to go forward because we have but to fill the void But the pitcher of oil that I have given you tonight�great flows will come forward� Great rivers to feed a multitude�  Millions shall drink from the waters that you fill the great void For those things shall flow through you because you have waited� Because you�ve understood� Because you�ve desired to know


Never use My Name lightly again for I will be listening for My Name�
And when you say it, I will know it�s being done in the True Spirit And I will immediately make Myself known
Oh� there are other empty things in this room They are hearts that have been poured out They are lives that seem to be emptied for a moment There are other empty things in this room and He will fill you up for I have anointed you
Draw! Take the first drink! Be refreshed!
Drink deeply for you are now ready to be filled
An instrument� a vessel� an anointing oil that shall flow to thousands and thousands of others And your oil will never run short� day after day� For the Prophet has come� the Great Prophet of God Whose Name is above every other name  And He desires that you give Him oil He desires that you give Him bread And every time you will, you will find it Every time He says, �Now�� it will pour Every time He says, �Feed�� the bread will fill the room


That many other empty things:There are thoughts � vain, empty thoughts curiously come upon us

Born of a lifetime of questions � empty thoughts� For if you are in the True Spirit of God, I will fill your mind with thoughts of faith I will consecrate your thoughts to the service of the kingdom of God And you will find the thoughts no longer just stray from wherever, But they are planted seeds of faith Bourne upon the oil of anointing Refreshed and ready to flow There are many other empty things For you have taught your mouth to be still, but you have not understood You have not understood how to fill it with faith These empty vessels I will fill with words: love, compassion, mercy and grace I will fill these vessels and I will fill them to overflowing
So that they will begin to fill the voids in peoples� hearts Right through their ears to their hearts There are many other empty things, There are visions of the things that we see and they seem to be void of what you want I will let you see them as they are Glorified� completed � fulfilled See! See! The wonder of My Spirit, My True Spirit
For My eyes have become your eyes My tongue has become your tongue Your ears are now ready to hear a voice that you have waited and waited to know The time� The hour � the moment is here Faith has changed you  Faith has brought you Faith� patience� has had her perfect work For I have come and I will not leave again
I have come to restore, to bring back, to rebuild I have come I have come to heal I have come to mend I have come to fill


I have placed a great light upon your sanctuary Now it reaches hundreds of miles into the skies From all the edges of the world they�re looking and see the light They wonder, �Where is that light from?�...�What has made such a light?� It is My Spirit and it reaches to the heavens  For here we meet For here men will come to follow that light to find the Son, the King, the people of God


Grace� Grace be unto you Great favor� Great favor be unto you

Thank You, Jesus Thank You, Jesus For You are truly worthy Your Name is more wonderful every time I hear it It is more powerful every time I see it deliver itself to those who have need Your Name is more beautiful than all the angels of heaven And we have your Name Angels remain in heaven but Your Name has come to us


Healings� healings�Thank You, Jesus� healings That�s not so strange� sickness seems common�  How much more common may healings come to your tongue How much more comfortable to say: richness, completeness How much more comfortable may the tongue become to these new words These new hopes, this new faith, this new direction Long have I waited Long have I waited and sat alone in the city by the Lake Long have I looked up and down the streets And I have found some � and a generation passed �  And I would find another � and a generation would pass again� And they would lose them I think I will come because I will say, �I have come to the city by the Lake and I will stay.�


R.W.Waterman May 31,1998        
(He had the people who had been delivered from addictions line up at the front and testify.)

Now I know why there are so many in this line: because the Lord chose you to be a shepherd. The Lord chose you to lead people into the river.  I want you to stand here because the Lord would say unto you tonight:

(Brother Mike, grab the bottle of oil)

And the Lord spoke this to me on the way here in the automobile as I was meditating upon Him and asking Him for His anointing over this service tonight.  The Lord spoke to me then and spoke to my heart and said, 
�Speak unto My son and speak unto my daughter and say unto them that the Lord their God has placed them in this hour.  I have raised thee up for this very hour.  For I will anoint thee now and I will cause forth a river to surge out of thee and it shall water the land and it shall water the barren places and it shall make alive where there is death and where there is parched, where there is no grass and where there is no herb.  The herb, the herb shall begin to come forth and the green grass shall shoot forth and the nourished plant shall arise, for I have called thee in this hour and I have placed thee into this location for my purpose and I send unto thee a surging river which shall flow over its banks and shall become an ocean and its shores shall overflow and life will be in the midst and your borders are enlarged in might and I can bless thee with a blessing and I can bless thee with an anointing , with an anointing for service, for you have stood and ye have been faithful and now I will send life to the river, for the river proceedeth out from underneath My throne� from the very place where I am� to the very place where you are. I send life and with the life I do send you power and anointing.�

(Everyone, pray in the Spirit)

�And I say unto you, my people, I say unto you: Come! Come into the waters.  For the water is rising and it shall grow and it shall overflow the banks. Come nearer! Come nearer, My people, enter into the water, for within the water there is life and there is joy and there is peace and there is a renewal.  I am sending forth a renewal, My people, Receive that which I am sending: do not back away, but come nearer, come nearer, come nearer to the water and enter into the water and ye shall be renewed and ye shall be washed and ye shall be cleansed  And all, I say all of your needs will I meet, for I am your God and I am with you. Come nearer. Enter the waters, saith your God.�

You are moving and you are taking a whole lot of people with you! I see a building! I see a building! I�m ready for the building: You got it! The building is yours: You�ve been asking for a sign and God gave you a building.


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