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September   98

I Feel Good part #2
Pastor John Doonan

Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you. Our care is literally a distraction that takes us away from God’s purpose and plan for each of us, and forces us into a seemingly endless loop of frustration, doubt, and sorrow. God has given us a way to break free of this curse and begin to find in ourselves a freedom unparalleled by any of our past experiences in this word by bringing us into His miracle working presence.

When we feel good we stop complaining and looking for a fix from others. We have no need to boast of ourselves because the joy and love begins to come naturally. God made us, He redeemed us and we have God’s promise so if anyone or any circumstance tell us what is contrary to God’s word we can have confidence, knowing it is not the truth. The responsibility of caring for us is the Lord’s. Our responsibility is to believe in, follow, receive from and trust in the Son of God. He is our provider of housing, clothing, and food. As Spirit-filled believers who seek His direction for our lives, we are assured of these things in God’s word. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. God did not send His word for us to fail in Jesus. In fact God always tempts with blessings and never tempts with evil. How does God test our faith? He gives us an opportunity and says, "Now do it." If we choose not to we end up going through the learning cycle again and again until we come back to faith. Until we move in faith we will always through different circumstances come back to the point we walked contrary to His faith. God doesn’t teach us with curses, for example making us sick or taking away our money to see if we have faith. Those things are perversions created to destroy us. Rather He gives us a blessing so that we may move into what He has created us to be, do, and fulfill.

God offered Abraham a nation if he gave up his son. That wasn’t a curse but a blessing and Abraham met the challenge. Jesus met a similar challenge at the cross. God told Him, "If you give your life I will give you many lives." Now Christ says, "I give you that life and I give it more abundantly." What is more abundant than the old life? A new life that feels good and is content, that has found the peace and joy of the Lord and that is able to be that consistently.

Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

This doesn’t mean we thank Him for the bad things of this earth. We are to give thanks to God with psalms, spiritual songs and hymns in our hearts. As these melodies come out we become a praise unto the Lord. We don’t have to be distracted anymore. We can break out of that negative mold for we are the people of the light. We are resurrected and able to speak to ourselves with the creative power of Jesus Christ in psalms and hymns. This is our thanks, that we can have an avenue of escape from the old patterns of death, which is not complicated, nor does it require great talents. It is a simple choice of praise. He gives it freely so we can know and thank Him for the reality of His presence. No one needs an abstract, distant God but rather a real one. We need a miracle-working, powerful God that is right here and is able to destroy the things of this earth that are disturbing us. We need to be saved from the world. The world is the problem, not God or us. We can give thanks, for God has called us out of the world. He has made us to feel good when everyone around us is overwhelmed with sorrow.

So far we’ve established that we can neither fix anyone else’s bad feelings nor have them fix ours. So if we find ourselves bound up in a distraction, the action we need to take is to put our minds back on the things of God so we can begin to give thanks and have a relationship with our heavenly Father again. As the spirit of God begins to fill us up and we are in communication with Him we feel good. It doesn’t matter how much we know about God and His word because He is the one doing it and He’s not looking for any personal qualifications. He is the only one that can do all things. Now the Word says, "Giving thanks always for all things unto God in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ." The Name of Jesus is a very powerful tool that God has given us and there is only a certain sect of people that can use His Name. They are those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life. There is only one Name in the book of life and that Name is Jesus. If we have received that name there is much to be thankful for. Distractions make us forget our name and the abundant life that comes with it. We know Jesus is not sick, poor or sad. When we give thanks, it is in the name of Jesus as He is the highest praise unto God. There are many things of this world we’re not to give thanks for, but we give thanks for all things God has given us pertaining to life; those things which are Christ Jesus.

It doesn’t work when we heap everything in a bucket, saying to God, "Wow, this is my life and I’m giving thanks to you." We have to do it in the name of Jesus because in His name we are healed and we are delivered. In the name of Jesus awesome life, changes manifest in this earth because His name is the name above every other name. There is nothing to give thanks for but that name and the things that are in His name. Giving thanks for bad things is nothing but a bad habit of feeling sorry for ourselves, trying to con God into feeling sorry for us. We can’t con God. He knows our every thought and motive. We’re not to continue trusting in the temporal things this earth has to offer, or in our own lives which are also temporal. Trusting in our own lives to produce good feelings just won’t work. Rather, we’re to Trust in the Spirit of the living God, giving thanks, centering ourselves back on the cross of Jesus and His life more abundantly. That is the reality of our joy and peace and is the only thing that really matters. We don’t cling to the idea of money, material things, or other people as the factor that will make us happy. We ought to be happy because we are born of God and already have all that He has, because, we are His heirs—joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only one who is truely trustworthy. We must seek those things that are in Christ and hold on to the truth and reality of what He is and what He has bestowed upon us.

Eph5:21Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

He cares for man because man is an instrument He created. What happens when man is isolated from man? Man is not complete in himself and becomes emotionally low. Yet when God created man he also created the way for him to live with positive emotions. There is a precious part of the Spirit of the living God that manifests in our lives when giving thanks and singing praises. At these times we begin to love one another in the Spirit of truth. We realize it is not about the things of this earth or the things we desire, it is about what God has created and the way He created it. As we begin to function together in the body, fulfilling what God created us to do, love starts flowing out of us naturally. It is easier to feel good when we are in a group than alone. Take a moment and think about when you were growing up. You naturally sought out others because man was not created to be alone, as that is a perversion of God’s plan. Being alone was designed to force us emotionally low. There are many people alone and hiding from others. Why? Because lies and fears distracted them and became a life-controlling obsession which trapped them in bondage within themselves. God did not create anyone to be by themselves or to be on their own. He made it a necessity to be a part of one another. God created us to be the instrument that is the fullness of His purpose in His creation. The creation of man is a function of the power of God’s word and that word is what will cause the Spirit to manifest in this earth as we are willing to submit one to another. As we do that we find the anointing power of God manifesting naturally. What we want is for God to operate in our lives naturally, not artificially. People are so busy trying to recreate peace, joy, and love that the simplicity of what God created us to do naturally, has been not understood and forgotten.

As we seek and follow God’s will, the standards He set for us, our reactions will naturally start becoming praise unto God. We will naturally give thanks unto to the Lord, submitting ourselves one to another. The truth is we are all the same and require one another in order to feel good in corporate worship and naturally flow in our Creator’s fullness. In order for God to fulfill His purpose in this earth He must be omnipresent, therefore He needs all of us. The only way for His presence to cover this earth is in the bodies of men all submitting one to another in His purpose and Spirit, being a praise unto God, giving thanks always in the name of Jesus for those things that are Christ Jesus. In doing so God can touch every alley, city corner, house, street; farm, field, every place we find ourselves. There is not one of us clever enough to put ourselves where we need to be for God to use us. He does that and the more as we submit ourselves to God. It becomes natural to seek out one another giving comfort, strength, or whatever is needed as only a Spirit filled believer can. God doesn’t need scholars. God needs willing vessels to be filled with His Spirit. God wants us, He does! He doesn’t care about our education, looks, or bank statements. He doesn’t care about any of the things of this earth that we think make us happy. God does want us to feel good, but not with the requirements of our desires, but His.

Psalms 37:4 "Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

When we delight ourselves in the Lord the temporal things that once were so big… are not so big after all. If God is truly the center of our lives, God will always be ok so we will always be ok. It doesn’t mean we’re going to be ashamed or fail because we won’t. Even if it looks like we’ve failed it won’t happen because God will resurrect us. We belong to God, we are His creation, His gem, an object of love that all of creation in heaven, earth and under the earth can see. Our heavenly Father is captivated by us, He loves us more than any other creation, for in us He is fulfilling an eternal purpose.

As we begin to speak in psalms and hymns to ourselves we feel ok, loved, and safe because His Spirit begins to manifest, which changes our lives. We become less aware of those things of this earth and our worries just really are not as important as we thought. Nor do they really have any power over us for we’ve tapped into a bigger purpose and God is not worried about the things of the earth stopping Him. All God wants is a vessel. Are we going to meet the challenge of God’s blessings and let the Spirit of the living God manifest in our lives or are we going to go back to the old patterns of trying to fix ourselves and be artificially happy? We can’t con God. He told us to cast all our cares onto Him which means just that. It’s not casting the cares today and taking them back tomorrow. Once we really hand over our cares they can never be a hindrance to us again. We move into faith, speaking to ourselves and tapping into the Spirit of truth, which is the full potential God has given us to feel good. It doesn’t have to go away. Let the presence of God’s Spirit communicate with you and let Jesus be a reality that is eternal.

Rev. Dianne Doonan

When you think of the word peace, what is the first thing that comes to mind? No wars or places of destruction? Countries that are not fighting within or between each other? Yes, these things are peaceful, but they can be temporary. One harsh word or greedy action can start up a whole battle again.

Is peace a tranquil sea or a river or pond with no big splashes in it? Or is it a night at home, watching a TV program everyone agrees on! Is it parents that have stopped fighting and are looking lovingly at each other again or friends that get along and compromise? These too are peaceful but again subject to change.

We want to learn of a peace that is always the same, ever present for us to have and hold as we reach out and take it in. This is the peace that can only come from God because His nature is peace.

Do you think God worries? Or ever wonders what is going to happen next, or even worse, if it will work? Of course not! Because God is omniscient or all knowing, and He knows the outcome of everything. Every detail is in His powerful mind. He knew and knows everything about you, and how to care for you. What makes you happy or sad, smile or cry, and He wants you to be sure that the love He has for you will protect and care for you always.

One time I was told a story that related peace in that way. It is the picture of a storm that broke out at sea and caused many boats to be capsized and treasures lost. But looking out at the high wind and damaging torrents of rain was a small bird tucked away on the ravaged cliff side in its nest with its mother’s wings spread over it for safety. The little bird and its mother were safe from the horrors of the storm in the cleft of the rock. This is the kind of peace we have in Jesus.

No matter what goes on around us, God promises us perfect peace as we rest in Him. When life’s storms come on, or you get weary hanging on, remember that God is in control, and will see you through. So all you need to do is go lie peacefully in His arms of love.


Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a long winding road that went on for miles and miles. If you traveled on this road in the early morning hours you would see the most beautiful sunrise one could imagine. The sun as it rose was like a big orange flame, round in shape and glorious in its glowing across the sky. In the evening there would come the dusk painting the sunlite atmosphere with purple and red haziness that glowing ball would settle on the horizon. If you drove in the middle of the night, you felt as if you could reach out and touch the stars, each one a diamond in its brilliance, all for a person to experience.

It was during the day though, when the hours were long and arduous that the road seemed hard to travel. In the daylight one could see and experience all of the many different side roads and cutoffs that any other time seemed invisible.

One time traveling down the road was a young man called Turmoil. His life was a wreck. He had made some unwise decisions and was trying to run from the consequences of his mistakes. He had heard about this road from someone as he was searching for answers to his many problems.

"If you take this road", the girl said, "it will lead you to a place of rest."

After much thought and conniving effort on his part to try to get out of his perils, he had decided to go on the trip down this road. In the morning as he had set out, he felt really good about his decision, but as the day wore on, and the road seemed to get longer and the curves seemed endless-- he got very restless. "Where’s a place to stop", he thought, "I’ve got to get out and find out where this road stops, or takes a different direction… anything, I’m going to go crazy!"

He forgot about the beautiful sunrise he had experienced or the sunset he had been told was magnificent, all he knew was tired and anxious. "I want to go back", he exclaimed aloud. "It wasn’t so bad back there, I’m sure I made it worse in my head than it really was." So Turmoil found a turn off and making a U-turn he went back. He never did reach the sunset or touch the stars. When the girl found out she was very sad.

Another time there was a family named Weary who were told about the road, who needed this place of comfort and rest. They had been trying very hard to overcome some difficult circumstances that had arisen in their lives, and were very happy to hear about the beautiful horizon.

"Come on", said that dad and mom as they loaded up the car and got all their children bundled in, "We’re going to that place of rest the young girl told us about." At first, this too was an adventure. They sang songs and made up stories as they drove. But as the hot sun glistened on the car and the heat rose, the children began to get crabby and anxious. "We wanna stop and get out and play", they cried. "Oh, dear", the mom said, "do you think there is a place to stop?" "We were told not to stop just anywhere, but to keep on going". As they traveled on the road and stayed obediently in the car, something wonderful happened. The children who were restless, fell peacefully asleep.

"Praise God", said the dad, "I was concerned for a while that we should stop and see if there was a turn off. But I am glad we didn’t. I feel that we made the right decision." "So do I", replied mom, "sometimes when things are the most difficult we just need to go on in the same direction, with the Lord’s strength, of course." Her husband smiled and patted her hand gently. "Why don’t you lie back and rest also dear," he said, "I think we’ll be there soon."

Peace was waiting on the road of the horizon watching as cars came traveling to place of rest. Some started driving very fast at first, anxious to get there. But many soon tired of the road that was so very different from any other they had taken before. She always met with the travelers as they started their journey. She came to them in their hour of need as they called upon the Only One who could give them rest. But so many turned back. They didn’t have the faith and patience that it took to stay on the road that Peace led them to. If only they prayed more and read the scriptures. How many more would have found the magnificent sunset and drove into the cool of the night as the twilight made way for the glorious splendor of the heavenlies!

How she smiled when the travelers reached their destination. For they exclaimed excitedly in wonder of the majesty of His love. "Yes", thought Peace, "this is the only way to go."

(excerpt from Cando Kids Club Volume 2)

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