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December 98

The Name of Jesus

God has given us prayer, a very powerful and important tool. Prayer incorporates the power of God so we can fulfill His call and purpose for our lives. It is Gods heart being spoken from our heart. Through prayer God communicates His love which touches our hearts and gives us the ability to return that love. The love of God so desires to touch us in a way that it not only effects our lives but those around us in a positive caring way. God designed prayer to change those things that are dead into life. No one in this world can claim outside of the miracle working power of God that they have the power to turn death into life, or sickness into health, or poverty into prosperity. The world doesn’t possess the blessing, so they can’t carry out the prerequisites to create a blessing.

The world lives by the code of survival of the fittest. Working and scraping they try their hardest not to fail, for that could be their last chance. There are many that appear to be on top yet we see and hear on the news of murders, senseless suicides, and stealing— all on the rise. Death seems to reign with no hope or power to turn it back again to life.

Christians often overlook the tools God has given us that cause us to be healthy, prosperous and strong in our lives on a daily basis. As we look to the word of God and what He gives us in prayer we realize He wants to settle forever His word in this earth.

There are certain procedures we need to do in our lives for God to be able to communicate with us. We find in His word instruction in prayer; specifics of what we need to do for God’s word to work in our lives. Nobody wants to have a relationship with God and God not deliver or cause our lives to be changed. There is not one Christian that just wants to make it in this life doing the very best we can and accepting somehow in the end God’s going to make everything ok and we will be in heaven. There is not one Christian I know that doesn’t bow down on their knees when in trouble asking God for help, believing in hope of God’s word for promise and blessing.

John 16:23 In that day ye shall ask me nothing.

Jesus is my Savior, my best friend, and my brother. Jesus is my King yet He says in that day you’re going to ask me nothing. "Why Jesus? You saved us, you loved us, and you kept and healed us. The power you are that is sent from God is everything we want. We want to touch you for you are like we are." As believers it is very important to understand the answer we seek for is being revealed by Christ Jesus. Though we can feel His presence and the wonder of who He is, our prayer goes beyond that relationship, yet it is dependent upon our relationship with Jesus. In other words we don’t gain points for being born again, doing good deeds, or just because Jesus loves us. It says we shall ask for nothing from Him. Now before you misinterpret what I am trying to say, consider not leaving the principles of Christ or deluding them in any way but searching for union with the Father. Fathers are different than sons, brothers, friends, and kings. Your relationship is not based on the same principles. They have different motivations. So we seek more of what is available for us without losing the truth of our critical relationship with Jesus.  I have often heard the prayers of the saints asking Jesus to do the job God wants us to do. We miss God’s purpose and power when we have the attitude we’re just going to wait expecting Jesus to bail us out. No, that is not the power of prayer God gave us. There was a day people asked Jesus for everything for He was the only one who had direct connection to the Father. When this day was fulfilled it wasn’t necessary to go to Jesus anymore. We are now literally His body thus con-nected to God directly.

The important principle we need to know about prayer so that we are not praying amiss would be not to ask Jesus for He will not give us the answer. God the Father does. We have to discern in our relationship to Jesus Christ who is God the Father. The revelation of prayer will release the power of God the Father in this earth. It is what God set us up to do. Its not that we do not ask; it is that we ask the Father.

Jesus says you know the Father for you know me. Our relationship to Jesus has given us a clue who God the Father is but Jesus is not the same as the Father. Though one, they are distinctly different. God is God. Jesus manifests God and Jesus is the body God abides in. We are not to ask the man for there is not a thing He can do. Having a real relationship with God the Father is what each believer is in need of. Chances of our prayers being answered without a real relationship to the Father would not work. This helps us to understand that even born again Christians don’t get anything from God without that personal relationship. As believers we know Jesus. We can visually see Him on the cross, we can see the pain from His beaten and swollen body. Stop for just a moment, we feel scared, pain, and rejection. We feel alone and all those things Jesus felt. That is why we are drawn to Jesus, why we want Him to fix it for that is what He did for us. Yes, Jesus fulfilled what He was supposed to do here on earth and indeed it was for us, but it wasn’t intended for us to stop with our relationship to Jesus. We are not to hide in the corner as scared little rabbits hoping to make it through till Jesus comes back to deliver us from this cruel world. We were not left here help-less and afraid but were given the Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. We were given the power to pray and ask the Father for His fatherly care of us in this world.

It is clear we are to seek where Jesus leads us. He did made the way for us to be able to have a relationship with God the Father. He is the doorway. He can never be left out but He gives entrance to our Father God. Now when we pray it is realizing we are not just identifying with Jesus, for without that relationship to the Father our prayers are not effective nor does it ever reach the power that fulfills lives, not just ours but those lives around us. We relate to Jesus but have forgotten or overlooked the fact He is a man. The miracles and power witnessed in His ministry came from God because of the personal relationship Jesus had with the Father.

A pastor or any minister we can identify with is a man, yet when we see miracles and power in a man’s ministry, it comes from his relationship to the Father through Christ Jesus. That is the only place those kinds of manifestations of power come from. They are God given and it is He that sustains His power. As much as we love Jesus, and as much as He means everything to us He was a man. The power of Jesus’ ministry came from His relationship to the Father. It is quite interesting how pastors and other authoritative figures are put on pedestals. We actually expect them to be everything we are not and need to be. The pedestal issue is not just limited to authoritative figures, it carries on in amidst husbands and wives, family, friends, and in the work place. Many are not even aware it is taking place. Why do we end up focusing on the man and get angry or hurt when they don’t meet up to our expectations? It’s easier because we can see flesh. God is not flesh but Spirit and greater than our flesh. We visually can’t see or touch Him in the flesh, yet through faith we can see and touch God through Jesus. Thus we can touch the Father that is in each believer that has experienced this exchange of life (the living body of Christ).

Jesus knows why it’s so easy for us to relate to Him and what He felt. That’s why we connect to Him when the exchange of life happens. In order for our prayer life to be effective we must go where Jesus leads us, beyond His flesh. God planned Jesus’ life purposely so that we could identify with Him. With the understanding we’re not just stuck in His death, there is a resurrection ahead. God sent His Spirit and resurrected Jesus the man, His soul and His body right up from the pit of hell and the grave. The power Jesus had then is the same power He has right here, now, today, and is the resurrected power of God the Father. Jesus became sin and stood in hell. He went as far as He could go. It was God the Father who went where Jesus could not go and raised Him out of death. The power to change death into life rests solely and forever with the Father. Our identification with Jesus is only halfway there. We get a clearer picture as we look at the rest of John 16:23 Verily, verily I say unto you Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. That is the key; Not asking Jesus but rather the Father in Jesus’ name.

Truly if we have identified with Jesus Christ it will cause us to have the same power in our prayer life that Jesus had with God. As our spiritual relationship and prayer life grows with the Father through Jesus we understand the importance of our relationship is not based on our prayers getting answered to make us simply feel better. We can rejoice and give thanks to our Father who gave His only begotten son Jesus so that we could have communication with Father God. The whole idea of salvation is to go beyond death, to touch the Father that brings us back to the Creator. To have the Creator bring us back into His presence and the absolute authority and power of all heaven, all earth, and everything under the earth. The ability of God’s power is what changes death into life. The only creative power that is in everything that exists is God the Father.

When death touches us we need to remember to identify with Jesus. That’s why He became sin. It’s taking that identity and going to the Father. We can go boldly before the Father knowing we are the body of Jesus Christ saying, " Father, when You saw the body of Jesus Christ in death what did You do? You resurrected it. Father, when You saw the body of Jesus Christ in fear what did You do? You comforted Him. Father, when You saw the body of Jesus Christ in rejection what did You do? You stood with Him and You didn’t forsake Him and leave His soul to corruption. Father, when You saw Jesus become our sickness what did You do? You healed him." When we go the Father in Jesus’ name we literally have taken the identity of Jesus. This doesn’t give us the right to get high-minded in our thinking, for we are nothing without Jesus Christ. Every believer that has truly exchanged their life for the life of Jesus understands their He became their sin, so when we experience death we realize it is no longer ours but was Jesus’. Therefore when we go to the Father it’s not that there is anything deserving in our name, it is because of who Jesus is that is in us. All that we are is in Jesus and as Jesus Christ is in heaven so are we in this earth. So, if Jesus can be healed then as He is we also are healed in this earth. Everything we go to the Father with in the name of Jesus is going to cause us to be as Jesus is now. What is He like now? Is Jesus sick, afraid, or worried? Is Jesus in distress or poor? Is Jesus dead? No, No, No. Then as He is so are we if we go to the Father as Christ is. God’s instructions are clear and purposeful, if we choose to go to Jesus alone all we will get is Jesus the man in pain and sorrow that we identify with.

We often don’t go to God looking for answers when our life appears to be going well. God gets put on the back burner till death touches us and then we’re down on our hands and knees praying. If we are already like Jesus in our prayer life we are not limited to seeking the Father just when death touches us or a loved one. The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that we receive life more abundantly when we identify with the death, fear, poverty and all the things Jesus stood in that were coming against Him, intending to destroy Him and then come before the Father in Jesus’ name for God can not deny Himself. Because Jesus has become the Godhead bodily, which means that the Spirit is upon Him, when we come in Jesus’ name this causes us to become part of what He is. God will touch our circumstances and everything we do in our life causing it to come alive when we ask in the name of Jesus. Everything Jesus is now, which is life, health, strength, wisdom and ability, we already are. Anytime we come in the name of Jesus we automatically are transfered, yes, even transformed by the Spirit. We take on the power of the Godhead as the Spirit settles upon us for we are no longer speaking in our knowledge or wisdom. It is God speaking through us. The Spirit maketh intercession for us. As the Spirit of power works through prayer and comes to us we are drawn together in what Jesus is. The Spirit has to accept us as Jesus and thus we are empowered by the Father. Whatever requests we ask in that name shall be given us. How could God refuse? What kind of requests? God’s will is to fulfill in us all, Spiritual blessings, emotional, physical, and monetary needs we have in this earth. For the body of Christ God doesn’t have to decide if we’re good enough before He gives us the answer because it’s not our name but the name of Jesus we come to the Father with. We directly have audience to the Father when we identify with the death of Christ Jesus, and automatically identify with His resurrected life also.

John 16:24 Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name; ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.

Do we have joy when our body is in pain? No. Does God want us that way? Of course not. Do we think God sees us as extra especially holy if we bear up and take it? These are my servants in whom I am very well pleased. I can dump every curse in the world on them and they’ll just smile at me because they are full of joy?  

No, that’s not right and it’s certainly not God. There are literally thousands of people in pain and not full of joy. There are many confused or without understanding about their relationship with the Father. Joy comes when God causes us to be as Jesus is when answering prayers. For a moment go before the Father, take in the thought there is a greater reality that sits at the throne of God. He says we are His body, whether we deserve it or not He will continue to insist we are His body. Jesus is our lawyer, our advocate, our defense and all we have to do is show up at the throne of the Father and Jesus says that’s me. We are immediately brought into the presence of the power that is inside Him, what a benefit when we identify with Jesus’ name and not our own. With that direct communication and presence our joy was made full, full in the Spirit, in the power that God is and full in what God wants us to be. As we pray before God, commit our lives to God, and seek Him diligently putting the needs we have in this world before the Father, we become aware that joy is not dependent on our prayers getting answered. It is having the confidence of knowing there is absolutely nothing in our lives that will be held against us in that name of Jesus. Joy is the presence of God which ends doubts and fears, causing our hearts to be lifted up and our mortal bodies quickened and healed.


Hebrews 1:3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, set down on the right hand of the Majesty on High.

When we become identified as Jesus Christ, where does that cause us to be seated? All of sin was purged so that means everything that is wrong in our lives was purified. Every time we lift up our fears, debts, persecutions or evil things of this world to the Father with the identity of Jesus, that name causes us to sit down at the right hand of God. With that identity everything is purged off us instantly, putting us in position to receive the power of God. We find a phenomenon happens in that presence. The things that mattered before entry all of a sudden are gone because He, by His Majesty, infuses His brightness and glory inside us so the joy of the Lord overtakes us. It’s not an issue about faith or believing whether God answers our prayers or not, it has everything to do with the identity of Jesus Christ. That identity purges us of our inabilities so in the process of coming into His presence our prayers are automatically answered. We don’t have to wonder if God heard our prayers and answered them and we certainly don’t have to pray every day over the same issues.

God’s ways are not ours nor is His time schedule ours. We may cry out "Lord, I’ve been obedient to you. You said make my request known unto you. In Jesus’ name take it away." If our circumstances don’t change instantly often times we walk away, thinking God wants us to endure again. There is no truth to those thoughts for God already knows what we have need of and when we realize that death has touched us and immediately identify with Jesus, therein is our answer, but more importantly our joy becomes full. As believers we don’t ever want to get away from the cross for in it is our freedom from sickness, poverty and death. It is our freedom from all the things that Satan set up to destroy and take away from us. Praying effectively we will never walk away empty handed; it’s not possible. Jesus purged everything out of our lives so the Father might fill us with His presence and power so when we come back to our circumstances they will be changed because we have been changed. God’s brightness, His glory, His majesty; Jesus is the manifested presence of those things. We are the body of Christ.

Eph 2:5. Even when we were dead in sins, He hath quickened us together with Christ (ye are saved by grace.)
6. and hath raised us up together, and made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

As bright as Jesus is, so are we when we find that identification in His name as we go to the Father. It is by faith we come to the Father in Jesus’ name and it’s asking the Father in His name that manifests the miracle working power of God that changes us, our circumstances, and brings stability and unspeakable joy into our lives.

15. of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

Who named the family of God? God! If God said the room was blue, what color is it? Blue. Could He turn the room to pink? God’s word is eternal. He can’t change His word. When God says something it becomes His heavenly constitution. Nobody can change it. If God the Father named His family Jesus; what is our name? Jesus. Let’s say we went to God in our own name, do you know what His response would be? God would say, "No, you’re Jesus," for He has ordained our name. He has chosen who we are. No matter who we come as or what mask we wear before the Lord He will always see us as Jesus, so our attitude is one of boldness and confidence not worrying if we’re good enough or not.

God knows who we are and there is no way of fooling Him because He named us. Since His power and word are eternal we realize a doorway has been given by God the Father Himself. When we walk in His presence we must understand we’re not taking anything away from the glory and purity of God by walking in the door. Go boldly before the throne of God in time of need and at that moment identify yourself to the Father as Jesus. God immediately responds to that need. He is touched by our infirmity and immediately the power that is Jesus and in His body, the whole power that is the Godhead inside of Jesus, instantly touches and identifies with us.

Its an incredible experience for us to identify with Jesus, but what a magnificent and awesome encounter when God identifies with Jesus’ body, whom He named. At that moment, when we come together in our communication to God we are empowered by all the Godhead to life.

God doesn’t have a problem paying bills, He has plenty of money. God has plenty of love, health and strength. In fact God has zero time for sickness, poverty, and zero time for death, He immediately touches it with His word. He says, "I sent My word to heal." It’s the same word that named us Jesus. Jesus purged us from all sin. The same name God sent, which was the word, the word was with us, dwelt among us, and He was Jesus because the word became flesh. That same word heals us as we are purged of all the death when we come into Gods presence, simply by prayer. It’s moving out of ourselves and into the Spirit. Prayer is not talking to Jesus but our heavenly Father. Ask that your joy may be full; staying in the identity of Jesus, the joy of the Lord stays with us.

Our intellect limits us from receiving God’s joy and fullness by thinking any part of the Godhead is temporal and that He could leave us. God never leaves or forsakes, He doesn’t move. What happens is we stumble out of our identity with Jesus, falling back on our own name. The truth is without the identity of Christ Jesus we do not have the anointing God so ordained for us to have. It is the anointing that breaks every yoke, but if we’re not in harmony with Jesus at the Father’s throne seated at the right hand, God’s delivering power eludes us. As soon as we become our old person again, we’re taking back our old life. It is truly not about us but about Christ Jesus. We are nothing but a lump of flawed flesh without Him.

Spiritual maturity is knowing who we are in Jesus Christ and who He is in us. It’s knowing that our Father has only one family and the name of that family is Jesus, and having the confidence to know we wear that name. We are the body of Christ; we are Gods family. Entering the doorway in Jesus’ name is to forget about everything else, for there is only one name given in heaven, earth, and under the earth that man may be saved. In that name is the purging of death in us. We have new life, and our prayer life is simply using that name. Even the apostles preached in the name of Jesus and the religious leaders tried getting them to stop using His name for they knew that’s where the power came from not the man.

1 John 5:14 and this is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to his will he heareth us.

What is Gods will?
That Jesus gets what He asks for. The only way of asking out of His will is doing it separate from Jesus. In other words in our own will. How do we know Jesus will never be in lack? Remember, He is seated at the right hand of the Father. Our relationship to the Father is absolutely in Jesus Christ. Our joy is in knowing at any time we can go to the Father and release the full potential of the power of God. We have been given the right in the name of Jesus, by the will of the Father, to come into the presence of God that releases the absolute authority that is in heaven into our lives. We didn’t earn this right by good deeds. It has been given freely and what a power packed prayer life believers have. We have not because we ask not or we ask amiss. The only way to miss asking right is coming before the Father in our own name, our own righteousness, in our own strength and ability. We totally miss God if we think we’ve been "Good OLE Joe," taking all the shots, and bearing up, thinking it’s our turn. Jesus Christ is who made the way for God to hear us. God did not call for His people to be ignorant, know your identity as Jesus. No one else can do it for you. If you have not received the identity of Jesus now is your time, make that exchange, for the Father is speaking directly to your heart right now.


Walking By Faith
Day to Day Testimonies of God’s Goodness and Grace

Dave Montei

Of all the people in my life my grandfather had the biggest influence. He died in September 1995.

His funeral was a celebration of his life and of the thousands of souls he had gotten saved. It was there that I was born again. I asked God to make me like my grandfather. That very night I was awakened by lights that lit up my whole room. God spoke to me and said He had a plan for me and that everything would be okay. I spent the next 2 years praying and seeking what His will was for me. He finally directed me as to what to do next. In January 1998 my journey began. It involved not only opening Cross Music-a Christian music and book store-but a spiritual journey as well with Amazing Grace Community Church.

I think Cross Music is very unique in comparison with other Christian retailers. I deal with each customer individually, soul to soul. With music being such a great plug into hearing God’s word, I’ve had opportunity to witness to people who come in. I don’t think I could’ve done any of this without the spiritual growth I’ve had since I’ve been coming to Amazing Grace. All of the people I’ve met there and all of the things I do there are directly related to God’s plan. He has fulfilled His promise to me. He has also replaced my grandfather’s impact on me through Pastor John. Thanks.


Kim Wozniak
In January of this year, I felt the Lord put in my spirit that we were going to get our own home. I almost laughed in unbelief, because with our finances, being what they were, the only way we could get a house is if the Lord gave it to us by a miracle. I’m a stay at home mom and work part-time occasionally to supplement our income and my husband, though he works hard, had changed jobs several times in the past 4 years to try and increase our finances. Over the years God has done incredible things in both of our lives, changing us from what we were to who He created us to be. However, money, especially the amount of money that it would take to purchase a home, was way beyond the scope of what I thought possible for us. How many know though that what is impossible with man is possible with God? Over the next several months we looked into purchasing a home, getting financed and the like but no matter what we did it didn’t work. I knew God was telling us that He wanted us to depend on Him and Him alone to bring this miracle to pass, however I felt great disappointment and heartache at having all of our efforts fail so miserably. I put the whole house matter to the side, desiring to leave it alone. God, however, wasn’t ready to just leave it alone and forget about it because after all, it was He who had promised. Through a series of events I can only call "God", my husband involved us with another realtor. Her finance people pre-qualified us and said getting a loan for a certain amount was going to be a piece of cake. Surprised, but hopeful, we house-hunted. On our 1st day we found the most perfect of little houses, in a quiet neighborhood with a big backyard for our little son. "It just so happened" that the owner of the home was the widow of a minister who loved God with all of her heart. The peace of God was so evident in the home we just knew this was the place for us. After meeting us she wanted us, and no one else, to have the house. We signed the contract and busied ourselves, preparing for moving day. Everything was moving along just fine when we received a totally unexpected phone call, telling us our loan had fallen through and our finance person never should have pre-qualified us and had made a mistake. This left us with one option. We came before the Lord and said, " If you want us to have this house it’ll have to be by a miracle of Your hand." Our contract was extended and we waited to see if we could get financing anywhere else. About 2 weeks later God gave pastor John a vision about the house and us at our weekly prayer meeting. He said He had a house for us and He would give it to us soon. He said very clearly that it was His house. About 1 week later we got a call that our loan had gone through with another mortgage company. I still don’t know exactly how that happened, but I know God does. Through family, He also provided all the cash necessary for the downpayment and to close the deal. By God’s grace and favor we were able to move into our beautiful little home. It is more than we could have asked for, imagined, or ever provided for ourselves. It is such a gracious blessing to be given, as we seek 1st His kingdom on this earth. We are grateful and we are so glad to know that because God gave us this house and because it’s His house He’ll maintain it and no will be able to take it away.



Chaplain Bill Revello
Victory Ministry

Please allow me to tell you about my friend Dino. No, he is not the friendly dinosaur you watch on T.V. He is somewhat of a character I must admit. Our meeting was not really a very memorable one as you would expect but the end results were startling! Oops! I’m already getting ahead of myself.

Here we find a man, 5' 2", tall, gray hair, charcoal brown eyes, strong stout build, marine. Always remember! There is no such thing as an ex-marine! He was two days younger than me but looked 20 years younger. Don’t you just hate a guy like that? To continue: Dino was an decent individual & a sharp, irascible, likeable businessman too. You couldn’t pigeon hole this fellow. He had his fingers in all kinds of deals. Dino was well connected. He had a deportment of confidence, a real man’s man. Apparently we hit it off right away. Dino told me in very strict confidence that he used to fight professionally too. "Yes sir," he said, "fourteen fights and fourteen knockouts!" I was truly impressed! He laughed, "Yes sir! I was knocked out fourteen times!"

I gave this tough guy one of my tracts & several books about the Bible. He was kind enough to accept them without any fanfare and promised me that he would read the literature. He went about his business as I did mine & our paths were not to cross again for about four years.

One early Saturday morning, while I was working in the garage loading my car with books & other boxes of tracts for Cook County Jail, Dino showed up to say hello. He just stopped by to tell me that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal Lord and Saviour! Well folks! You could have counted me in for the fifteenth knockout! Praise the Lord. I was dumbfounded. I was very happy, mind you but awe struck. To think that a person such as he would take the time to stop back and tell me. It was the beginning of a very close friendship. He came back to encourage me!

Dino became a changed man. I was happy that I had a small part in helping him see the true path to eternal happiness found only in Jesus Christ. Many years have come and gone but none more memorable than last year. My comrade Dino is still a man’s man. He is still a package of dynamite with a fuse. This time the fuse has a timer on it. God’s word properly planted never returns void. To all the saints who have waited and passed out tracts, small Bibles, witnessed to folks that you may never see again, this is for you too! The joy of seeing one who was lost come to the foot of the cross is a blessing beyond human comprehension. The love story of Jesus marches on! Dino purchases Bibles & tracts and gives God’s Word freely to those who seek after the truth. Dino is also very generous with his time. You couldn’t find a better friend. Praise The Lord! We now have another soldier in the marching army of Jesus Christ. I guess Our Father knew that I need encouragement too.

God now uses this gentle rugged individual for His purposes. His life now has meaning and purpose. He diligently studies the Bible daily. Dino sought & found a great Bible believing church with a wonderful pastor & a great bunch of men. I now have a great fellowship because of Dino. Truck drivers, businessmen, ex-cons, husbands & even a chaplain now get together praising Jesus.

Isaiah 53:11-12, John 14:6, Romans 3:23,24, Psalm 1:1-3

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