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August  99


The Gates of the City

Pastor John Doonan

The Fountain Gate #7

Nehemiah 3:15 But the gate of the fountain repaired by Shallun son of ColHozeh, ruler of part of Mizpah; he built it, and covered it, and set up the doors thereof the lock thereof and the bars thereof and the wall of the pool of Siloah by the king’s garden, and unto the stairs that go down from the city of David.
Proceeding into God’s presence through the tabernacle we first come to the brazen altar whereby we put all our sins upon it that they may simply burn up. The fire purges our sin away. Then we approach the layer of the washing of the water of the word. Believers realize God has made provision for those who come humbly before Him. One gate does not leave out or take the place of the last gate, but each gate prepares us for the next one. Each prepares us for another revelation of God. We draw near the fountain gate respectfully aware we are coming into the presence of God, because of our love for Jesus. In the house of the Lord we receive purification, and peace, knowing He is doing a mighty work in our life.
John 7:37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried saying, if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink
38 He that believeth on me as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water
The water of life, this fountain we speak of, is the Holy Spirit of God. This river of life flows from the very depth of our being and overflows to all that is around us.
Praise God! When we have an accumulated power of God flowing through us we are thus purged, of all our iniquity, doubt, and fear. We are empowered by the Holy Ghost.
God, in these last days, is calling His people to step forward, and then empowers them to rebuild the walls of His house— Empowered to restore the purpose of His temple, by making it again a house of prayer— A noble house where the Spirit of God inhabits the praises of His people. We are building a city of refuge where all may rest in the refreshing of God. However, there lays before us the rubble and broken pieces that have clogged the fountain gate. What happens when a fountain doesn’t flow? It becomes stagnate, infected, and defiled. By faith, let us rebuild the gateway here on earth stone upon stone. The greater importance is the working in heaven rather than here on earth. Earthly eyes see stones as dirty stones but with our heavenly eyes, they are beautiful crystal stones. Here it seems a hopeless and endless task but by faith, we see a boundless flow of the refreshing fountains of life. Involve yourself in building the fountain gate for it allows the Spirit of God to flow freely that we may never thirst again.
There is spiritual cleansing and washing of the word of God that takes place in our lives. We have the privilege of coming into the Father’s presence, changed by the power of His Spirit, that we might receive the fullness of God’s provisions for our life. The Bible says, "be ye filled with the Spirit." The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the empowerment through the living waters that flow forth from inside us. The Spirit of God doesn’t come upon us making us do things, but flows faithfully out of us from the very depths of our inward man.
Working on this doorway is not just about entering God’s presence to receive from Him, but it’s about becoming a doorway. Jesus says if you come unto me, you will never thirst again. We are the body of Christ so by faith and submitting ourselves to God we are purged and cleansed that the washing of the word might flow through us. The washing of the Spirit unclogs the fountain of the rubble from broken down walls, restoring the gate of Spiritual flow. God is speaking to the born again believer It is the born again believer who has the living Spirit abiding in them. The Spirit bears witness of truth from within, acknowledging God’s gifts of empowerment. The Spirit makes us to become overcomers. We press toward the mark of this high calling despite the unpleasant circumstances that arise in our lives.
It’s one thing to be born again, filled with God’s Spirit of life. It’s another thing to receive the power to give Him away. The Holy Spirit doesn’t necessarily make us holier than other Christian’s, but rather we are used as His Fountain Gate. There is no competition or points earned as to these gifts of empowerment— who can speak in tongues or prophesy better then every one else. There is much lost in the kingdom of God when this rivaling attitude prevails. We must give; not seek to receive acclamation. How do we give the Spirit away? The word of God is Spirit and is life. We are washed and cleansed continually by God’s word in our heart, which is the Spirit of Power The more we are washed by the word we learn to quickly put away our garbage before coming into the Fathers presence. As we develop in His word, all we have left to speak of are the things of the Spirit, which are life, and words of encouragement and edification. The words we speak become matured (seasoned) with grace. Great strength starts to manifest as these things begin to work through us. Not only are we born again, but we are also offering the Spirit of God to whom ever we speak to. One day you begin sharing with someone and the word of God just naturally flows out of you even though you were completely unrehearsed. You realize that God spoke not you. What an awesome experience!
So it’s not about who we are but is about the truth in our heart which is all about Jesus, the living Spirit who abides in us. No fuss, no fluff here, just the true facts thank you. It is the Holy Spirit of God that empowers us to do and fulfill the works of the ministry He has called us too. Using the gifts of the Spirit is not confusing at all and it begins with God’s foundation, tongues.
Now please, bear with me for awhile setting aside all your preconceived ideas of what man made doctrines have told you about this matter Allow the Spirit of the one true living God to minister His truth to you lest you fall short of God’s fullness. The word says the least of all the gifts is tongues, not the least in importance, but it is the beginning place; the starting place. Simply start by submitting ourselves to God putting one block upon the next block.
There are nine bells around the garment of the High Priest as there are nine gifts of the Spirit. Paul said in 1Corinthians 13 without love tongues, prophecy, and giving are as a tinkling bell and unprofitable. A powerful gift from God that is only a shadow of what it could be. Its no wonder so many have denounced tongues and prophesy for today. Wonder why they have not denounced giving?
We begin at the foundation with the first block at the bottom. Everyone knows you don’t start building anything in the middle or at the top of a building. The same goes for the gifts of the Spirit. We don’t begin with Miracles and prophecies but first tongues, although it is not the preference of signs and wonders instead of having to humbly speak tongues we would not need Jesus. Many believe tongues are not for today Many believe tongues are of the devil. Many think they have no need of tongues or it is just not for them. We rob ourselves of God’s full empowerment working in our life with these attitudes. What arrogance to think I have a right to pray for healing and deny the gift of tongues. Who would instruct God? He has clearly instructed us.
The issue is not about having to talk in tongues because no one has to talk in tongues. In order for the fountain gate to many to want to start there. We impatiently want to jump over what seems uninviting when we can have the greater glory now. Who wants to labor on a foundation when we could be working on beautiful arches and windows? Unfortunately tongues has been given a bad name because of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of God’s word, either because of fear, heresy, confusion, or the world is just simply uncomfortable with the indignity of tongues. If we in our own ability had the kind of power to work healings, miracles, diverse blessings and work in our lives, we need to submit to God and start where He instructed us to start. Tongues are the first stone as we begin to build this nine-block gate. By faith, we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit allowing ourselves to be used by God His way. When we bypass tongues because of embarrassment or whatever the reason, we miss God’s preciousbpower. Why settle for AlaCarte when you can have the full Entree including dessert with whip cream on top? We’re not wise enough nor do we have great power of our own to be a doorway. Those who are operating on the idea they can do it without Jesus have a rude awakening coming their way
Speaking tongues in front of the world is not a favorite of many, they feel it would confuse the world, so lets speak with understanding. Do you know anyone that honestly wants to hear what we intellectually think we understand? I think not. First, talking in tongues is for the unbeliever, the world, they already know we’re beyond their reality of what rational people should think and do. Very simply speaking in tongues is a motivational force of the Spirit in our life that maintains this spiritual doorway in us. It edifies the one who speaks. Praying in tongues is so important because it is God giving us utterance to speak His will. It is the fountain from our inner man flowing forth to bring the cleansing waters of His word with revelation, healing, faith, and miracles
Only God knows His perfect will and what is best for our life. Tongues is greatly misunderstood, and feared only because of ignorance— resulting in the Spirit being quenched. Believers operating on this first foundation never stop there, because the Word and Spirit of God have taken deep root, and it no longer matters to us what others say or think about us. When the Spirit of God is talking to us who is going to tell Jesus to shut up? No! We let Him finish and pray for the interpretation fulfilling our understanding of what was uttered in another language.
Tongues, the first stepping stone the first brick to build upon. Then, as we mature in the Word and Spirit, the miracles begin to happen, prophecy, speaking with revelation understanding, fires up and begins flowing from within us. We notice our lives being given direction— empowered by God.
At Amazing Grace the Word of God is communicated clearly because it is the Spirit that minister. By faith the Body of Christ assembles together ministering in the Spirit of God, and together we are building the fallen gateway.
God gave us a huge billboard, a sign.
Tongues are a sign to the nonbeliever, it’s a doorway. A doorway for the unbeliever should never be overlooked. It may be this lost soul’s only chance to meet Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Savior The Bible says forbid not to speak in tongues, it is for us here and now. Today! It doesn’t mean standing for hours and hours praying in tongues, we simply begin at that point and release it to Holy Spirit who does the rest. Yes it may feel awkward and uncomfortable at first to pray in tongues because of all the myths and misconceptions that have characterized tongues but it is a direct line to God.
By submitting ourselves in spiritual prayer to God we allow His perfect will to set the direction and the foundation in our life. We have the freedom to stand in the Spirit of God and those who walk through the door broken and humbled go to the next step finding peace, joy, and most of all love.
The Spirit of God is not found in confusion. Is it extremely important to have controls? Are we that arrogant and bold to tell God we’re just not going to do tongues today or ever because we want to cut corners? If we try to operate in our own might not submitting to God, having our own agenda, not God’s, we’ve just entered another way Our way not God’s, and in doing so it now produces rubble that clogs the fountain, contaminating it with the impurities of stagnate, non-flowing waters. It will never flow fresh as long as we try to enter with our own agendas.
Rivers of living waters—that is what tongues are— flowing from our inner man of the heart. We become a doorway when we leave behind foolishness, pride, and presumption, seeking to enter God’s presence without concern of the world’s murmurings or thoughts of unbelief. What do you think word of knowledge and wisdom is? It is the Word of God interpreted by the Spirit. If we didn’t start in tongues we would not hear His word so clearly. It is a sign of what Jesus is manifesting in this place as we begin to minister by the Spirit of God. Why be ashamed of what God Himself has created? The doorway is open and the fresh breeze of the Spirit begins to flow back and forth from this earth to the throne of God. We have this exchange between that which is heavenly and earthly Somehow as they have combined, as Jesus is in heaven, so are we in this earth.
The miracle of life and the Spirit of God unifies us as we are seated in heavenly places. We are prosperous. We stand in health and strength. We have all the empowerment of God as He directs and fulfills our life. We can’t do it without the fountain gate, the Spirit of God.
I have found a door, this wonderful great beautiful pearl, whose workings are perfect. It’s there so we can fulfill the things of the Spirit of God in this earth. Those that drink of the living waters that flow from the fountain will never thirst again. They will be converted into worshippers in Spirit and truth.
In this world there are a lot of doctrines and new gimmicks that at first seem stimulating and feel kind of right. It’s not long before those things cease to satisfy and fulfill in us what we have been created to do here on earth. I think we all have followed winds of doctrines a time or two in our life until the great idea has ran its course and we find ourselves stagnating. Following those things which are born of the Spirit of God, simple faith and truths, we are immediately refreshed in the word of God and are able to receive of the Spirit of life Himself
Jesus is the doorway He is the Holy Spirit. In the presence of God there is His Spirit and the cleansing and washing of His Word. The two are inseparable truths. They are Spiritual Christians. They are Spirit filled and Scripture filled Christians. They are inseparable. You can not have one without the other! There is no such thing as being filled with the word of God and not filled with the Spirit of Life. The Word is Spirit there is no distinguishing between the two. It is the manifestation of the Word of God that is the Spirit of God. It’s not truth to say I need the word but not the Spirit or I need the Spirit but not the word. If we have the word of God that word demands we be filled with the Spirit. As we submit to His Spirit, those things which God has called for our life start being met. All scriptures where given by the inspiration of the Spirit.
Without the Spirit of God, the Word is stale and dry. Without the Spirit, we can read7 Nehemiah but just skip the third chapter for it would have no meaning. However, when we by the Spirit look at that same chapter it comes alive and we realize God had a reason to include their names in The Bible. The Spirit inspires and releases God’s word, it reveals to us the vision of these gateways; the doors into the presence of God.
By faith we are able to see our names written on the door as we build stone upon stone for today we are building a Holy house of prayer and worship unto the Lord. We set our heart before God to be refreshed by the Spirit of the living God, that as the word teaches us where to place each stone, our labor is done with a purity of heart. Building by the Word, by the Spirit of God is the refreshing power that sets us free. Why shut the door to God? How can we even think we can live in this world without the help of God? By faith, for remember whatever is done without faith it’s already sin. By faith we submit ourselves to God fully committed to Him so that He can fulfill and satisfy in our life all He has planned for us. In obedience to submitting to Jesus His power manifests in our lives creating this incredible doorway into His presence. That doorway comes by the Spirit of God because we are willing to stand in our commitment to God though the world pokes fun and makes jokes.
It is plainly wanting more of Jesus. I want to be filled with your Spirit. I want to know the glory of the peace of God that passes all understanding. I want to know what joy unspeakable is all about. I want to know what it’s like to throw up my hands in praise and thanksgiving really meaning it in my heart. I want to know what it’s like for my feet to dance before your throne and not to be so stiff necked and frightened to enjoy your love.
How can any one feel free or experience liberty when we come into His presence if we don’t know that is why Jesus became the doorway. God’s truth, His purpose, and plan for our lives come in knowing who Christ is in us and who we are in Christ. As we release ourselves fully committed to the Spirit of God we are refreshed, and can thus refresh others. We are satisfied, and can satisfy. We are healed, and can give healing to others. We live by faith, and can give faith to others.
If we are resisting and struggling with God, we are not receiving of His Spirit. Therefore, we are not satisfied and have nothing to give away We are only satisfied in the presence of God’s Spirit, not with what we carry into Him, but what we come out with.
Jesus said" I Am The Way the Truth the Light no man cometh unto the Father but by me. To come into pure worship, to seek pure peace, and righteousness we must enter with pureness of heart and by faith into His presence. In His presence is fullness of joy, life, and peace. There is liberty and freedom to worship and praise Him. For God inhabits the praises of His people. We have found a doorway that has been established by God and is working in behalf of improving our lives.
Coming to the fountain of life, the Spirit of God, is not to be done in a casual manner Together in the Body of Christ, we begin to earnestly build the wall, with all of our heart unto the Lord, each of us being positioned by God, placing stone upon stone. God has specifically given each one of us a work place to rebuild the broken walls of His temple. The Spirit of God is given to all of His people, so it’s not just the five fold ministry gifts creating a doorway It’s the Body of Christ, those who come before the door, each given a specific stone that is just as important as all the other stones. How can a wall be built with a stone missing here and there? It’s not just for one person to build; it is for all of us working together in unity. The Spirit gives to whom He wills whatever is necessary for that doorway to flow.
God mentions three people who worked up against their own house. it’s not just about fulfilling our duty to go to church, praying in the Spirit, praising, worshipping, and dancing before the Lord then hurry home to watch TV or continue a life style not in the will of God. We live in the Spirit by the Word first at home. The Word of God, the Spirit of God are not here to fool around with us. They are here rightfully dividing the truth. The two inseparable parts of God are here to separate those whom He has called to be His own from this world. Returning home from church keeping ourselves submitted to the will of God as we are repair the doorway to our house so the Spirit of God may work in our homes as well.
Be ye filled with the Spirit of God submitting ourselves one to another singing songs and hymns and spiritual songs. When do we get out of the Spirit? Never! Be it in the house of God, our home, workplace, or with anyone of our relationships. Make this personal, make our part in this temple a door that will effect every area and everyone in our lives. Each of us has a place and a part at church, but does the Spirit of God also touch our home? Do we give lip service and appearances, but are not really changed? Many pray at church but not at home. The benefits we receive for praying and serving the Lord are the blessings He showers upon us. The consequences of not serving the Lord in subservience are not expedient if we are searching for peace and victory.
As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord, allowing the doorway to the Spirit of God to touch and change our lives not only for this generation but the Word says this blessing will be passed down to four generations. You’ve heard about the generational cursing? Well who cares when we have a generational blessing that will be passed down because we have learned to build on the Spirit of God?
Seek to understand the inseparable workings of the Word and Spirit in our life. I am filled with the Word of God. I am filled with the Spirit of God. I study to show myself approved a good workman unto God that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of God. All word is given by inspiration of the Spirit of God. This is inseparable truth. Our life was created to make a commitment to the Spirit, the Word of God, and everything we build should be by submitting to Jesus in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, praying always, praying in the Spirit, and praying with understanding. Don’t be uptight and dignified but release the song of the Lord when we feel it well up inside us. Join in with the heavenly host of angels who sing twenty four hours a day "Holy is the Lord", magnifying the Name of the Lord.
Why settle for the man made doctrines of taste not, touch not, handle not? Be filled with the Spirit, be satisfied, and never thirst again, partake of the living waters, be refreshed, come to the fountain gate. Start at the beginning, not in the middle, not at the top. The fall is greater when we get out of God’s order trying to cut corners just to get to the top. Honor God. Honor God’s Word. Honor God’s Spirit

   The Heart and Vision of Amazing Grace Ministries

While praying about the newsletter I felt God impressing upon my heart that He wanted us to share the heart and the vision of Amazing Grace Ministries with all of you who receive the Gospelletter each month. God is doing powerful and eternal things through Amazing Grace Ministries and at this time it seems important to give you the opportunity to become more intimately acquainted with us. I asked Pastor John Doonan and his wife, Reverend Dianne Doonan to talk about Amazing Grace Ministries in many of its different aspects. I’d like to share that information with you now.
  Amazing Grace Ministries is a God ordained ministry of restoration and reconciliation, accomplished through the preaching of the Gospel of Grace by demonstration of the Holy Spirit. There are many different sides to the ministry which include the preaching and teaching of the gospel, establishing Amazing Grace Community Churches, networking and supporting affiliate ministries, i.e., nursing homes, as well as prison, urban and alternate ministries. Amazing Grace Ministries has founded a three-year School of Ministry Internship Program to train ministers, elders, and deacons. Another branch of the ministry is Amazing Grace Ministries Publishing, which furnishes literature, books, teaching tapes, music, and other teaching materials. Amazing Grace Ministries have a strong focus on children’s ministry that includes puppet evangelism, club programs, and the training of children’s ministers. Pastor John Doonan and Reverend Dianne Doonan along with the church ministers also get involved with street evangelism and revival meetings to further the work of the gospel.
  Reverend John and Dianne Doonan who were following God in obedience with the purpose of expanding both the adult and children’s teaching ministries founded Amazing Grace Ministries in 1987. Since that time they have been successful in starting three churches in the Chicagoland area.
  Pastor John has been in ministry since 1973 called by God after a 3-day life-exchanging encounter with Jesus Himself He was specifically called and instructed to teach Jesus Christ and Him crucified by the Grace of God. Reverend Dianne has been working in children’s ministries since 1972 and is compelled by God to reach children for Christ. She is now fulfilling the vision God gave her of a teaching ministry as she co-labors with her husband in the leadership of various ministries within Amazing Grace Ministries and of Amazing Grace Community Church.
  I asked this anointed couple to share some examples of and statistics concerning ministry they have done. I found that through the evangelistic outreach programs thousands have received Jesus Christ as their Savior and many of them have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Many miracles, healings and life-changing commitments from precious believers have followed the preaching of the word of God. Blind eyes have been opened, the lame have walked and many prison doors have been opened as people have been set free from the bondage’s and pain of this world. The Prophets anointing on Pastor John has not only encouraged people with the word of wisdom and word of knowledge but also the inspiration of the Sprit reaches deeply into the hearts of every person who sits under the prophetic teaching. Pastor John doesn’t just prophesy but he humbly lives out the life of Jesus Christ in his prophetic anointing. One of the biggest revelations that has touched the body of Amazing Grace Community Church is, "It’s not about us, it’s about Jesus Christ." This truly encapsulates the motivation behind and the work of Amazing Grace Ministries. 
  Amazing Grace Ministries is an end-times ministry and currently is concentrating on teaching teachers in preparation for the great Holy Ghost Revival of these last days.
  Amazing Grace Ministries is reaching people, touching lives and sharing the gospel today through the church, through the sheet and puppet evangelism, books, tapes, the Worldwide Newsletter and through the website on the Internet. http://amazinggrace.org
  The vision of Amazing Grace Ministries is to reach every heart searching for the Lord with the Gospel of The Good News. The foundational belief is that the goodness of God brings men to repentance and that through evangelizing and then discipling new converts, the newborn believer is able to come out of darkness and walk boldly in the kingdom of light. The vision includes these blessed people all walking in the glorious truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as the powerful Spirit of God transforms their hearts, and as His power is released in their lives. God called Pastor John and Reverend Dianne to the Chicago-land area to minister the Gospel of Grace. Chicago has always been known as the center for the teaching of Grace however God shared with the Doonan’s that "though they teach grace they have denied my Spirit." His commission was to "go and teach the Gospel of Grace by the Demonstration of the Holy Spirit." This unique and powerful message has its foundation in the preaching of the fundamentals of Jesus Christ. Their beliefs is the word of God, applied by faith, works.
  I asked Reverends John and Dianne how they felt what Amazing Grace Ministries is doing will impact the church. They shared that they were given a vision of small fires starting all over the city, one by one igniting until the blazes overtook the city in a 50 mile radius and them became one united, complete fire of revival which later reached out to other great cities. The work of Amazing Grace Ministries in the Chicago-land area is to start fires and burn them brightly until the Chicagoland area is filled with the presence of the Spirit and its people call Jesus Christ their Lord.
  As you can see, Amazing Grace Ministries is actively involved in sharing Christ’s Gospel in many ways. Whether through church services, books, evangelistic outreach, tape ministry, the Gospelletter, God is changing lives. He is setting them free to live in the kingdom of light rather than in prison darkness. It is also preparing ministers to continue to run with the message.
  Each month we send the Gospelletter out to so many people who are receiving and growing by the anointed word of God within its pages. The Gospelletter is not compiled by an office filled with paid staff members but rather by a handful of volunteers who strongly believe in and are committed to word of God preached from the pulpit of Amazing Grace Church. These individual’s lives have been completely changed by this inspired message. It is a labor of love and faith motivated by the belief that others would benefit in hearing this message, enabling them to walk in it, and enjoy the fullness of their salvation God has provided for them as so many of us have.
  The ministry is supported by its member’s offerings. Each month we face the large expense of sending the Gospelletter out to many hungry hearts. After reading about the ministry, if you feel a kinship with us and believe in what we are doing, would you consider a financial gift of support? If you are being edified and encouraged by the Gospelletter, would you consider making a contribution to give us the ability to increase our outreach and continue providing it? If this ministry is touching your life and yet you have nothing to give financially would you consider faithfully praying for us? We believe prayer works. We thank you in advance for your love, support and prayers. May god bless you richly and supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory.

For His Glory,
Kim Wozniak, Editor

Published by Amazing Grace Ministries Evangelistic Association Publishing, Westchester. Illinois Distributed by Amazing Grace Ministries Evangelistic Association Publishing, Westchester. Illinois Unless otherwise indicated all Scripture quotations are from the Authorized / King James Version (KJV)  No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission except for brief quotation in books and critical reviews. For information write Amazing Grace Ministries Evangelistic Association Inc.--198 Burnett St.--Yorkville, IL 60560--708/708/23-9901

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