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"What Was Sown In Tears Shall Now Be Reaped With Joy"
Psalm 126:5

How many tears have been wept for the soul that was just brought into the kingdom. That husband, wife, mother, father, child. Tears sown... now reap the joy of salvation in God’s Saving Grace and His Boundless Love.

Tears of love, are seeds of love, planted after a time of softening of the heart on which they fall.

We come to gather the harvest of someone's tears. Thank you for the tears.., we reap with Joy.

Amazing Grace Ministries goes into the streets with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, teaching the word and evangelizing. Reaching those who do not, or will not attend church. After pioneering an area the new converts are then directed to the local churches.

A Christmas Blessing

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Violence   Prostitution   Gangs  Crime  Drugs

or    Jesus!

This then, is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.        1John 1:5

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A Christmas Blessing

The brilliance of the season revealed itself with glitter, lights, and enthusiasm all about us. Sensing an inner peace, we all prepared for the Christmas festivities. All was on schedule. We were ready. Every year our ministry performs puppet shows with music, games, and gifts for Christmas in the inner city Chicago.

Our puppet team was well rehearsed. Our stage was repaired and standing by, the lights and sound were all tested and working. We were scheduled into seven places in 10 days. We took a deep breath and we were off…

Our next stop, the Jesus People in Uptown. It was our second to the last show and we were all tired, but pumped. It was wonderful for we had led close to 200 kids to the Lord!

It was a snowy, slushy, murky day. We had to drive all the way to uptown in this mess. The van was on its last legs. She was affectionately known as "Vana Blue the Wheel of Misfortune." After getting lost about three times there she was. We pulled in and started unloading our equipment. All the kids on the puppet team were real troopers. They lifted all the heavy boxes slipping and sliding into the old stone church on the corner. Everyone was glad to see us for we were the main attraction for Christmas Party.

It was gift time. There were little bags of goodies with small presents in them. I remember as one little girl with worn out shoes beamed out, "Just what I always wanted!" as she giggled and continued to play with her pals. A tear came to my eye as I realized she was talking about a sample tube of toothpaste that squeezed out in the shape of a star. These kids had so very little. I prayed there by myself, "Lord please make this special." I wanted it to be the best yet despite the weary arms and exhausted hearts.

The music cranked up and it was so exciting to see the kids swinging and swaying as they clapped to the beat of the songs. My wife Dianne came forward from behind the puppet stage and gave the invitation. So many kids and their parents accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. After the invitaiton, she promised a gift to all who asked Jesus in their hearts. The adults all came by me for further counseling and to get a bible while the kids all gathered around Dianne and the other workers.

As we were finishing Dianne started to come by where I was with the adults when a beautiful little girl with blond curls, holding the hand of her younger brother, pulled at her and said, "Hey lady! Me and my brother asked Jesus into our hearts and we didn’t get a present. Can we have one too?"

She moved back to the box of treats and after finishing with the adults I looked over and saw Dianne with the little girl in her lap. She motioned for me to come over. As I came to them she leaned over and said can you pray for her. "Well sure." I replied.

I sat down and took the little girl in my lap. As I looked into her eyes I noticed the left eye was crossed in and her right eye sort of floated around. I asked her what she wanted me to pray for and she said, "I can’t see out of this eye at all," pointing to the left eye, "and this one I can’t see much very well."

My heart was moved as I reached down and placed my hands on her eyes and I prayed. "Oh Jesus give her sight back. I command these eyes to be healed in Jesus Name."

I moved my hands back and her little eyes began to move about as both eyes slowly began to center and focus on my face. She reached up her hand placing in on my cheek and said, "You’re so hot"

I heard sobbing from behind me. It was her father who had just invited Jesus in his heart. He put his arm around me and cried.

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